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A rocketing number of UK slavery victims were helped out by the Salvation Army, more than 1,800, between April 2015 and March 2016.

This represents a fivefold increase on the numbers for 2011/2012 which were around 380. The charity estimates it has supported around 4,500 modern day slaves in the last five years, and Home Office figures suggest there are up to 13,000 enslaved in the UK.

On a worldwide basis it has been estimated that there are 27 million enslaved and one person trafficked every 30 seconds, mostly children, girls and women for sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography, but also for domestic servitude, criminal exploitation for cannabis cultivation or pick pocketing and forced labour in the agricultural, mining, tarmacking, food packaging and hospitality sectors.


The Canadian Senate has passed new laws allowing doctors to actively assist terminally ill patients to die, if it is their wish.

Previously active euthanasia, where sedatives or muscle relaxants are given by doctors to kill patients was only legal in Quebec, although passive euthanasia, where a withholding of food and water speeds death was decriminalised in 1972, Currently active euthanasia in Europe is only legal in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. In the USA it is legal in a handful of states, these recently including California.

In the UK, according to pro-euthanasia charity Dignity in Dying, 82% of the British public support a change in our laws on assisted dying for terminally ill patients. On this issue the doctor's union, the British Medical Association (BMA) is out of step with the public with two thirds recently voting to continue its opposition to civilised and compassionate euthanasia and 50% voting for the ostrich policy of not even debating the question.

A recent YouGov survey found that just 7% of the British public supported the BMA's position.


A respected funeral director has been given a 15 month suspended sentence for stealing at least £14,000 donated to charities by grieving families.

Alison Pople deprived Help for Heroes, the NSPCC and a local hospice in Cheddar of monies she was entrusted to pass on, and covered her tracks by forging letters of thanks relating to 46 funerals she organised between 2011 and 2014. Pople claimed that her company was in financial difficulties at this time and that the money was to prop up the business and not for personal financial gain.

Judge David Ticehurst said that there was no benefit in sending Pople to jail, despite her abuse of trust, a decision that puzzled some of her victims attending court, who shook their heads. She has, however been ordered to pay back around £8,000 to some of the charities affected.


The British Council, patron the Queen, has distanced itself from abusive and foul-mouthed remarks about Prince George made by the charity's £80,000 a year Head of Global Estates Angela Gibbins.

Gibbins, 52, ranted on social media about Prince George being rich, "white privilege" and living "on public money" as well as saying that the three year old "already looked like a f****** d*******" She also opined "I don't believe the royal family have any place in a modern democracy, least of all when they live on public money. That's privilege and it needs to end" .

The British Council, which is privileged to be partly funded by public money, denied that her views were those of her employer, but promised to investigate given that "the highest standards" were expected of staff.


Following the needless death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe last year by killing-for-fun American dentist Walter Palmer, another brave American hunter has sparked widespread revulsion after he filmed himself revelling in the pointless killing of a black bear with a spear and posted the footage on the internet.

Josh Bowmar (26) baited the animal with a barrel of food in a forest in Alberta, Canada in May and then impaled the bear from 12 yards away with a 7 ft spear carrying a 16 inch long blade and a camera. The bear stumbled off to die, for what some wildlife campaigners fear was up to 20 hours and Bowmar followed it to film himself gleefully celebrating over its body.

Bowmar's articulate and intellectual contribution to civilised society was ". I drilled him perfect. I got mad penetration. No-one cares more about these animals than us hunters, especially me".


Covert filming by animal rights charity Hillside Animal Sanctuary at the Staffordshire slaughterhouse of "high class" family butchers S. Bagshaw and Son resulted in the slaughterhouse being closed down last year and operative Anthony Bagshaw being jailed this month for mindless cruelty to the animals before slaughter.

Bagshaw, 36, was filmed kicking a pig in the face, throwing sheep onto a concrete floor, hitting sheep on the head with a metal stun gun and metal shackles and, with the help of two other men, crushing a pig behind a metal gate and causing it to scream in pain.

Bagshaw was jailed for two months for nine incidents of the cruelty and another eight months for food safety offences, as well as being banned from any involvement with farm animals for 15 years. Sentencing him the judge at Staffordshire Crown Court described the cruelty as "wanton" and told him "Your ill-treatment of a number of animals was a shock, even to an observer with no interest in the welfare of stock for slaughter".

According to Hillside Animal Sanctuary the vast majority of their investigations are not taken seriously by the authorities.


Large conservation and wildlife protection charities such as Friends of The Earth, World Wildlife Fund, World Animal Protection and Greenpeace are largely ignoring the spreading badger cull as they have become larger and more corporate in their structure and approach and less willing to take on the powerful farming lobby and Defra over the politically sensitive issue.

This is the view of Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, expressed in a new paperback book published this month" Badgered to Death - the people and politics of the badger cull". In this he says it will be unforgivable if the corporatisation of the once-respected campaigning charities over the last 40 years results in the loss of the badger species from our countryside.


The Charity Commission is being given new powers by the Cabinet Office to discipline charities and their trustees, planned to be fully operational by April next year.

The powers include a strengthening of disqualification procedures, the power to control fundraising and to make social investments, the issue of official warnings and the power to wind up a charity. Some of the changes, brought under the new Charities Act will be in place next month.

See the website for details


A 13 year old boy has taken the ultimate London Tube challenge - visiting every one of the 270 stations in a day to raise money for charity Bloodwise, after his 17 year old brother died of lymphoma in March.

Alasdair Clift started his marathon Tube ride in memory of his brother Adam at Chesham at 5.15 am on Monday August 1 and finished it at Heathrow Terminal 5 after midnight. Due to the kindness of sponsors the money raised boosted his original target of £100 to more than £11,000.



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