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A large majority of those reading newspapers were presented with arguments in favour of leaving the EU in the run-up to the referendum, according to Press Gazette.

The combined claimed circulations of national newspapers favouring Brexit was 6,755,480, against 4,993,934 favouring staying in the EU. The circulations of those not declaring was 2,733,504, making up a combined claimed circulation of 14,482,918.

For the record the bias and the circulations were:-


Daily Express       419,328
Daily Mail        1,545,473
Sunday Express      365,071
Daily Telegraph     498,474
Sun               1,716,361
Sun on Sunday     1,413,493
Sunday Times        797,280


Daily Mirror        785,717
London Eve. Std     900,175 Free
Sunday Mirror       709,495
Mail on Sunday    1,374,864
Observer            194,054
Times               436,692
Guardian            169,424
FT (UK)              63,178
Daily Record        172,699
Sunday Mail         187,636


Daily Star          513,233
Daily Star Sunday   316,224
i                   284,434
Metro             1,347,594 Free
Sunday People       272,019

Note. Some feel that free newspapers, distributed indiscriminately, will not have the same power to persuade as those people choose to pay for. Some circulations are boosted by copies being given to hotels. Some feel that the circulations of daily newspapers should be multiplied by six to correctly compare with the circulations of newspapers only published on a Sunday.


The majority of the electorate, who voted to leave the EU, are to blame for Lloyd's bank having to cut 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches, according to its £8.5 million a year CEO, Antonio Horta-Osorio. This is despite his claim that Lloyds were "in a strong position to withstand the uncertainty" he says has been caused by the Brexit vote.

Horta-Osorio has not said whether the savings made by his job cuts and branch closures will be used to improve customer service, to donate to charity or to fund even more generous salaries, bonuses, expenses and pensions for himself and his management team.


Leaked messages from the organisations behind the long-running junior doctor's strikes indicate that they were just pretending to want to "save the NHS" when all they really wanted was more money from it.

The chairman of their junior doctor's committee Johan Malawana proposed "a strategy that tied the DH up in knots for the next 16-18 months" and, during talks with arbitrators Acas that the doctors should not get "too concerned in the Acas rubbish. We need to play the political game of always looking reasonable".

The British Medical Association, which many would expect to know better, was revealed as cynically wanting the government to impose a seven day contract on doctors in the hope that this would win their members sympathy and support from the public for their striking for more money.


Forecasting a dip in bookings for August travel - due to sterling's drop in value and acts of terrorism putting travellers off - Eurostar's marketeers have introduced a day return fare of £58 for midweek travel to Paris and Brussels, representing just over a quarter of the normal fare for August.

Tickets can only be booked at St Pancras International from the Monday in the week of travel and are valid for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on selected trains. Outbound these are the 7.01am or the 7.55am to Paris and the 6.50am to Brussels. Inbound choices are the 8.13pm or 9.13pm from Paris and the 6.56pm from Brussels. Timings give up to nearly ten hours in Paris and nearly seven hours in Brussels with journey times to the centre of both cities just over two hours.

Writing in the i newspaper on Saturday travel expert Simon Calder pointed out that those wanting a one or two night stay in the cities could buy two day return tickets for £116, use the outbound portion of one and the inbound portion of the other and save around £100 on the normal last-minute, short break fare.


An increasing number of householders being chased for the TV license fee are using a legal loophole to prevent "enforcement officers" - actually staff of private firm Capita with no legal right to enter homes or search property without permission - from calling on them.

The legal process is "withdrawing implied right of access" to a householder's frond doorstep, something any householder can do, thus making enforcement officers trespassers if they continue to visit.

It is, unusually, a criminal offence to fail to pay the TV licence and this is an unwarranted status likely to be altered by an overdue Act of Parliament next year.


Ofcom has upheld complaints from viewers that Channel 4 quiz show Countdown breached broadcasting rules by plugging products on air.

Countdown host Nick Hewer, 72, who is a former public relations consultant and more recently scrutiniser of young business hopefuls on The Apprentice TV reality show gave the upcoming Ideal Home Exhibition some "heavy promotion" that left some viewers wondering if he had been paid for it. And a guest on the same show, former British swimmer Mark Foster talked about his (paid for?) position as Ambassador for P&O Cruises before heavily promoting them.

The stupid mistakes by Hewer and Foster embarrassed Channel 4 who apologized and removed the offending episode from their online offering, promising Ofcom that all future commercial references would be signed off by their commissioning editor.

There has been the suggestion that the plugs should be played by Alan Sugar to all the young contestants on The Apprentice as examples of how to torpedo their own credibilities.


More processed foods have been found to contain high levels of salt and/or fat, according to a study by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

More than 200 chilled dips sold in supermarkets were tested, including houmous, taramasalata, salsa and guacamole. Houmous has a high calorie count of 280 per 100gm, and the tastiest products, caramelised onion houmous from Marks and Spencer and Tesco contained more salt per 100gm than four packs of ready-salted crisps. A portion of Waitrose cheese and chive dip contained more fat than a McDonald's Big Mac.


Marketing Matters has received emails promoting home-working for a salary of $2,500-$5,000 from "the personnel manager of a large International company".

So far this person calls themselves, in identical emails, "Michael Blevins". Or "Malcolm" Or "Jesse" Or Nathaniel" Or "Dionne Valencia".

Anybody else got any names to add?


Sir Philip Green has been awarded the government's prestigious UFOC award for business activities, the Unacceptable Face Of Capitalism.

To win this Green had to unselfishly remove millions for the BHS pension fund and use it to buy himself another luxury yacht.

Previous winners have been Tiny Rowland and Robert Maxwell. Thought to be runner-up this year was Mike Ashley of Sports Direct, who has coincidentally expressed an interest in buying bits of BHS from the administrator.



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