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Be Selected to Receive a FREE SPECTROstar Nano from BMG LABTECH

Instantly capture a full UV/Vis spectrum (220 – 1000 nm) in low volume samples, microplates and cuvettes with BMG LABTECH’s new absorbance reader - SPECTROstar Nano. Ultra-fast full spectrum analysis, multimode shaking, incubation, kinetic readings, well scanning, automated path length correction, a gas vent, and robotic friendly are only a few of the outstanding features that the SPECTROstar Nano has to offer.

Enter the competition to receive one of FIVE SPECTROstar Nanos by submitting a two to four page research proposal describing how your lab will use microplates, cuvettes or low volume samples on the new SPECTROstar Nano absorbance microplate reader…

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Sherwood Scientific’s Mk1 and Auto Magnetic Susceptibility Balances are utilised for detecting and quantifying the magnetic properties of gases, liquids and solids. Our Mk 1 balance adheres closely to the Late Professor Evans’ original design, whilst the MSB AUTO is a microprocessor controlled balance. Improved sensitivity, versatility and overall performance make it ideally suited to new applications in the research laboratory and industrial quality control.


The magnetic properties of a sample are determined by the nature of the electrons within its structure. Free, unpaired, electrons give rise to magnetic forces which are attracted to a strong magnetic field…

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HPLC training from world-renowned experts John Dolan and Mel Euerby - guaranteed to increase productivity and efficiency

Hichrom's 2011 HPLC training programme is now available, featuring courses covering every area of HPLC and delivered by world-renowned experts John Dolan, Mel Euerby and Tom Jupille. Whether you are a relative newcomer to HPLC or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from one of these courses.

Topics covered will show you how to decrease costs, increase throughput, prevent costly method problems occurring and develop faster, more reproducible HPLC assays in a time effective manner.

In fact all of these courses are guaranteed to increase productivity and efficiency in your laboratory, reducing your HPLC analysis costs. If this doesn’t happen Hichrom will happily refund your money!

Costs are from as little as £135 each and bookings before 8th February 2011 will be eligible for an additional 10% discount…

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Greyhound announces website re-launch with easy search facility for over 30,000 products.

Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals has been supplying high quality chromatography consumables to laboratories world-wide, for almost 30 years. 2010 was another very busy year with new products added to our already varied product range, including ULC/MS grade Solvents, GC Headspace Solvents and Reagents. With plans to further extend our product portfolio in 2011 our website will be a comprehensive source of up-to-date industry information and new product launches.

Based in the North-West of England, with state-of-the art facilities and highly trained staff we provide technical advice by email and telephone. With many years experience there aren’t many questions we haven’t heard before and we enjoy the challenge of helping our clients achieve excellent, cost effective results…

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New Year, New Products, New Offers: Grab our New Product Guide, Today!

The new Phenomenex product guide is now available and includes HPLC, GC and SPE product selection guides. The 2010/2011 guide, with more than 360 pages of Phenomenex chromatography products, accessories and equipment, also features an expanded offering of vials and syringes as well as new Kinetex® phases and Strata™ SPE sorbents. The updated guide features an expanded section on Lux® columns, covering five modes of chiral chromatography, and a larger SFC offering of chiral and achiral media. A new section of USP listings is also included to help users select the column that is right for each method.

To launch the guide, we are offering major savings on many items throughout, so speak to your technical consultant today to save on your next order…

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Malvern shows new SEC-LS dual integrated detector package at macromolecules conference

Malvern Instruments will introduce the Zetasizer µV with OmniFACE and OmniSEC, a new SEC-LS (size exclusion chromatography - light scattering) detector package, at SCM-5, the 5th International Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules (26-28 January, Amsterdam).

The proven Zetasizer µV offers dual DLS (dynamic light scattering) and SLS (static light scattering) capabilities. It can be used as a stand-alone detector analyzing samples in a cuvette, and now as a fully-featured modular chromatography detector. For protein applications, this makes the Zetasizer µV an ideal tool. Applications in stand-alone batch mode include the study of molecular size and formulation stability, and in SEC detector mode the measurement of molecular weight…

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Buchner Rings help efficient and safe vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration is a technique for separating a solid product from a solvent or liquid reaction mixture. The mixture of solid and liquid is poured through a filter paper in a Buchner funnel. The solid is trapped by the filter and the liquid is drawn through the funnel into the flask below, by a vacuum.

Labtex Buchner Rings ensure a vacuum tight seal and flask stability when performing filtration on the bench.

Profiled natural compound rubber rings (60 shore) for use with Buchner funnels, flasks, glass crucibles and gooch crucibles. The wide flange and large surface contact ensures an excellent vacuum tight seal whilst the rings are easy to remove and offer excellent support to even the largest funnels…

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Precisa Gravimetrics AG introduce new range of UV-Vis Spectrophotometers under the Dynamica brand

Precisa Gravimetrics AG (Zurich, Switzerland) are pleased to announce the introduction of their Halo range of sophisticated UV-Vis spectrophotometers under the Dynamica brand. Featuring ratio beam, split beam and double beam instruments at present, the Dynamica range covers a wide range of teaching and research applications. The RB-10 & DB-20 models feature both standalone and PC control options to offer greater control options to users, with on-board and USB memory storage with the standalone unit. The DB-30 instrument provides true double beam optics with Photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector for more sensitive analyses and with the Win Detective software enables detailed analysis and reporting of generated data…

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New RAININ Pipet-Lite™ XLS – The Best just got Even Better!

Additional Ergonomic and Performance Benefits plus unique Pipette Calibration Tracking

The new and improved Pipet-Lite™ XLS family of pipettes gives you exceptional precision, accuracy and assurance for all your liquid handling needs, Together with the ergonomics and comfort you deserve, these pipettes bring unique new asset management control to make your life in the lab easier.

The Pipet-Lite XLS is available in Single-Channel, 8 & 12 channel models plus Adjustable Spacer Multichannel Pipettes. Lighter springs, low-drag seals and RAININ’s patented Magnetic Assist technology gives you a plunger that is smooth and accurate, yet requires less force than ever for ultimate ease of use and ergonomic safety…

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Prior’s ProScan III™ Scanning Stages now compatible with Zeiss AxioVision.

Motorised scanning stages occupy a central position in microscope automation. Apart from high repeatability and precision, smoothness of operation and long term stability are important requirements for XY stages and their control electronics. ProScan III™ scanning stages from PRIOR Scientific are among the best in the market and have a long standing reputation for quality in high end microscopy.

With the current release of the Zeiss AxioVision 4.8.2 and MicroToolBox (MTB) version 1.8.1 users of AxioVision can now select PRIOR scanning stages in combination with the ProScan III stepper motor controller. In close collaboration with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, new controller firmware has been developed by PRIOR to enable direct stage programming through AxioVision…

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On Stand No. 340 at ArabLab Exhibition, Priorclave Ltd., will be exhibiting examples from their comprehensive range of Laboratory Autoclaves. They will include three of their most popular, electrically heated models.

The PS/MID/C60 - a compact, 60L capacity, Top Loading autoclave.

The PS/QCS/EH150 mid range, 150L capacity, Front Loader model. This electrically heated model, along with many others in the range, has optional direct steam heating facility.

The latest, 95L capacity, model PS/OPL/V95 Top Loader unit comes from the OPAL range. This entry-level range has been specifically designed to perform everyday laboratory autoclaving functions such as growth media preparation and laboratory waste sterilisation, cost effectively, for the smaller laboratory…

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Complimentary Time Saving Booklet on Sample Preparation Methods For Drugs of Abuse

A new booklet, essential for analysts working in the area of Drugs of Abuse, documents current and up to date detailed methodologies for sample preparation steps prior to analysing a wide range of substances and is now freely available by contacting Presearch (Basingstoke) the UK and Ireland exclusive distributors for Solid Phase Extraction products and accessories from UCT. The booklet gives step-by-step methodologies and is supplemented by application notes showing the extraction and analysis of drugs of abuse from a wide range of biological samples.

Up to date information and comprehensive methodologies for a wide range of drugs of abuse are detailed with methods including the extraction of the THC Delta – 9- Carboxy metabolite, opiates and benzodiazepines from urine and whole blood…

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