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SARTOFLOW® Advanced Full flexibility and outstanding crossflow filtration performance combined

The SARTOFLOW® Advanced is a modular benchtop Crossflow system optimized for ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of

• vaccines
• monoclonal antibodies and
• recombinant proteins

The system is suitable for flexible use in laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials as well as for small-scale production batches.

The SARTOFLOW® Advanced can be configured to accept either Sartocon® Slice or full-sized Sartocon® cassettes…

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Greyhound Chromatography launches New ISO Guide 34 Standards

With advancements in technology and the ever greater demands from regulatory bodies to identify new analytes and the lowering of detection limits, Greyhound recognises the importance of supplying Certified Reference Materials with validated and stated uncertainties. Scientists are under increasing pressure to produce accurate reports using the technologies currently available to them and to minimise random and systematic errors in their procedures.

European and other accrediting bodies including the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), specify the use of ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials under certain circumstances…

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‘Small and simple’: Watson-Marlow’s new 120 peristaltic pump

With development based on extensive feedback from customers, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has launched its new 120 peristaltic pump range.

Ultimately the 120 pumps have been developed to increase the low-flow capabilities of the company’s product range for applications in the biopharm and laboratory sectors. The market need is well understood, with customers voicing their own mantra, “keep it small, keep it simple”. As a result, Watson-Marlow has produced a pump that is focussed on size, performance and ease-of-use…

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NEW ACE C18-PFP - a unique C18 bonded HPLC Column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase

ACE C18-PFP is a unique C18 bonded HPLC column from Advanced Chromatography Technologies, which has been developed to provide alternate selectivity to all existing C18 bonded phases. The phase combines the hydrophobic characteristics of a C18 phase with the alternate selectivity offered by a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase – enabling the benefits of multiple interactions to be fully exploited.

ACE C18-PFP also exhibits ultra low bleed to ensure LC/MS compatibility and demonstrates excellent temperature and pH stability…

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Enhanced Analytical Syringe Precision from ARC Sciences

Improve your analytical syringe performance with SGE's new electronic syringe system, eVolTM.

An electronic digital drive that combines with the new XchangeTM syringes, eVol can accurately dispense volumes between 200nl and 500ul using just 3 different volume syringes. The positive displacement of the Xchange syringes is ideal for handling none aqueous solvents, as well as water based solutions. Various modes include repeat and continuous dispense. Custom methods can also be created for developing mixing routines or controlled speed dispense, for e.g. TLC spotting. There is a specific kit for use with NMR for the preparation of standards and also kits to allow the automation of sample preparation using SGE's MEPSTM (MicroExtraction by Packed Sorbent)…

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Life is a gas at Peak Scientific these days!

Since 1997 our dynamic company has reshaped the landscape for laboratory gas generators by stimulating Peak design engineers into some remarkable product developments.

These clever people not only greatly improve the performance of any new gas generators, but further ensure that well- established and much loved products can stand the test of time.

Our range of products – including small to large scale nitrogen and hydrogen systems- are smoother, quieter and more efficient than anything else on the market…

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Using GPC/SEC to accurately characterise complex biopolymers in food

Published work, now freely available on the Malvern Instruments website, shows that the Viscotek TDAmax gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) system is an information-rich, time-efficient analytical solution for the comprehensive characterization of complex food ingredients and additives based on polysaccharides. The work by Dr Gerhard Heinzmann and Dr Bernd Tartsch is detailed in a paper “Alginates, Chitosanes and Xanthans – Characterisation of Food Ingredients by GPC/SEC with Triple Detection”…

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Autoscribe’s Free Guide to Managing a LIMS Project

This free guide from Autoscribe will help you through the complex process of implementing a LIMS or Sample Tracking system. Written for individuals and project teams in small laboratories through to enterprise/global operations it provides information that will help you avoid many of the potential problems and pitfalls encountered in the LIMS selection and buying process.

The guide titled “How to buy a LIMS” aims to help anyone who is considering the implementation of a LIMS or Sample Tracking solution. It covers all stages of a project, from determining the need for a solution through selection up to the final decision and implementation post –order…

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Win a luxury chocolate microplate

Porvair Sciences Ltd. is offering all laboratories that register the main applications they use microplates for - a special thank-you by sending them a delicious full-size chocolate microplate made from the finest Belgian chocolate together with a digital or printed copy of their latest 2010-2011 Microplates & Microplate Equipment catalogue

To register your microplate application(s) and claim your luxury chocolate microplate request simply visit http://www.porvair-sciences.com/chocolate_promotion.php now.

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Fluid Bed Dryer offers significant advantages over conventional drying techniques

Sherwood Scientific’s lab-scale Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer offers significant advantages over conventional drying techniques and is particularly suited to preparation of small trial samples.

The high rate of heat and mass transfer achieved with a fluid bed dryer ensures much faster and more homogeneous drying than obtained using other methods; such as oven and vacuum drying. Complete drying is usually achieved in less than 15 minutes, with the exact time for a given sample being very repeatable. Inlet air flow rate and temperature settings are closely monitored and adjusted in this modern microprocessor controlled dryer. The Model 501’s fluidising action ensures thorough mixing…

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Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its newly expanded 2011 catalog!

Inside you will find such items as:

• Chromatography Vials
• Sample Vials and Closures
• Headspace Vials
• High Recovery Vials
• Limited Volume Inserts
• Syringe Filters

In addition to these items, we also offer a series of custom services including:

• Custom Vial Design
• Barcode and Label Services
• Tare-Weighing Services…

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Gilson Forms New UK Operation for Full Product Sales & Support

From the beginning of 2011 Gilson will be closer to you, providing full sales, service and support on all products from a newly formed UK operation. Gilson UK combines existing Automation and HPLC sales and logistics with an experienced Pipette sales and service team.

Anachem Instruments have a long history in supporting Gilson products in the UK. From 1st February 2011, Anachem Instruments Ltd became known as Gilson Scientific Ltd, and became part of Gilson’s Direct Worldwide sales and support network selling the complete Gilson product range…

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ALMSCO International to Showcase TargetView™ Software for Improved Analysis of Target Compounds in Complex GC/MS Data at PITTCON 2011 (Booth 1322, 1323)

ALMSCO will demonstrate its recently launched TargetView™ software package at PITTCON 2011. The innovative software has been designed to automate and improve detection and measurement of multiple target chemicals in complex GC/MS data sets. The software will benefit GC/MS users in a range of important fields, including environmental monitoring, food/flavour/fragrance profiling, forensic science and testing chemical emissions from consumer goods. ALMSCO will also highlight its bench-top time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, BenchTOF-dx™, with the capability to perform high definition mass spectrometry (HDMS), a cost-effective technique for screening samples at trace levels, offering optimal sensitivity…

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