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Introducing large volume Climatic Chambers from Froilabo SAS, Lyon, France

• Climatic chambers are used in a number of application areas where climatic conditions are maintained to draw conclusions about a product’s shelf-life or stability. Froilabo’s range of cabinets conform to ICH standards (International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for the Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) and are available as 600 & 1350 litre units which cater for large industrial applications. Controlling temperature and humidity between ambient +15°C up to +60°C and from 40 to 90% RH respectively, these units can typically be used in pharmaceutical QC environments, food and beverage industry and materials applications…

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Buchner Rings help efficient and safe vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration is a technique for separating a solid product from a solvent or liquid reaction mixture. The mixture of solid and liquid is poured through a filter paper in a Buchner funnel. The solid is trapped by the filter and the liquid is drawn through the funnel into the flask below, by a vacuum.

Labtex Buchner Rings ensure a vacuum tight seal and flask stability when performing filtration on the bench.

Profiled natural compound rubber rings (60 shore) for use with Buchner funnels, flasks, glass crucibles and gooch crucibles…

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Heidolph 2011 Catalogue

Heidolph UK is pleased to announce the publication of the NEW 2011 Heidolph Catalogue.

Download or request your copy at www.heidolph-uk.co.uk. The new catalogue details the full bench-top product range available from Heidolph including the Hei-Vap range of intelligent Rotary Evaporators and popular range of MR Series Stirring Hotplates.

Heidolph is a leading manufacturer of reliable, high performance bench top rotary evaporators, hotplate stirrers, overhead stirrers, shakers, parallel synthesizers, peristaltic pumps and homogenizers. All Heidolph products offer a 3 YearWarranty as standard as well as increased safety, time saving and efficiency features…

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Greyhound Chromatography Announces Sole UK Source for Biosolve Products

UK based Greyhound Chromatography and Allied Chemicals are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Biosolve. Greyhound Chromatography has, for over 30 years, been supplying high quality products to laboratories around the world and is delighted to add Biosolve’s range to their expanding product portfolio. Greyhound’s extensive range covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis.

Backed by a technical services team, Greyhound is the preferred source amongst today’s analysts. Greyhound Chromatography, now holds stock of Biosolve products for prompt delivery within the UK via their extensive logistics network…

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Brookfield’s DV-IIProEXTRA

. . . continuous sensing viscometer saves time & money with built-in “extras”

Brookfield took the DVII+Pro, their most popular and versatile viscometer and added something – EXTRA – all their best optional accessories. The result is an instrument designed to deliver dramatic timesavings in the lab.

The DV-II+ProEXTRA features a Ball Bearing Suspension System for a more robust sensing mechanism resulting in greater productively and instrument longevity! Then they added the EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling attached and remove spindles in two simple steps. Protect your viscometer against damage…

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NEW ACE® C18-PFP - a unique C18 bonded HPLC Column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase

ACE® C18-PFP is a unique C18 bonded HPLC column from Advanced Chromatography Technologies, which has been developed to provide alternate selectivity to all existing C18 bonded phases. The phase combines the hydrophobic characteristics of a C18 phase with the alternate selectivity offered by a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase – enabling the benefits of multiple interactions to be fully exploited.

ACE® C18-PFP also exhibits ultra low bleed to ensure LC/MS compatibility and demonstrates excellent temperature and pH stability…

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Metrohm IC packages – free software, columns, etc. for early birds!

Metrohm has become synonymous with water analysis. From February 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 Metrohm offers 3 all-in-one IC systems that are 100% geared to professional water analysis. During this time, customers benefit from highly valuable equipment (MagIC Net™ software, column, ultrafiltration equipment, inline eluent preparation) that Metrohm gives away with each of the three packages – absolutely free!

Users can choose between a basic package (Water Analysis Basic) for routine analysis of standard anions, an advanced package (Water Analysis Advanced)…

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NanoSight delivers the world's most versatile and proven multi-parameter nanoparticle analysis in a single instrument now adds zeta potential

NanoSight visualizes, measures and characterizes virtually all nanoparticles. Particle size, concentration, aggregation and zeta potential can all be analyzed while a fluorescence mode provides speciation of labeled particles. NanoSight provides real time monitoring of the subtle changes in the characteristics of particle populations with all of these analyses uniquely confirmed by visual validation.

Zeta Potential Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (Z-NTA) adds measurement of surface charge to simultaneous reporting of size, composition (light scattering intensity), fluorescence and count…

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The New Reveleris® iES Flash Chromatography System Discover More

The award winning Reveleris® flash purification system product range is now expanded with our latest model. The NEW Reveleris® iES flash chromatography system is specifically designed to enable an increase in the speed of isolation of new molecular entities and natural product extracts.

Capable of low mg limits of collection enabled by the unique patent-pending RevealX™ technology, you can be sure of high yield recoveries of both chromophores and non-chromophores. The system also offers enhanced solvent management for added safety, security and rapid solvent switching.

Included as standard on the Reveleris® iES model is our new Navigator software which is designed to help maximize compound purity…

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Great research pipettes in single or duo pack

The Acura® manual XS 826 was developed as an extension to the well established Acura® manual pipettes line. The new instrument integrates all best features of the Acura® family, added with unique characteristics such as weight reduction and ultra low activation forces. A short pipette shaft with narrow, conical end cares for superior instrument drivability and easy access to microtubes. Aiming at excellence in pipetting, it is a most reliable tool especially for research laboratories.

This new pipette is supplied in a single box or in TwiXS pack containing two units and one free shelf pipette holder. There are six different packs to choose from, each covering specific volumes…

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Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy

Jenway’s 67 series of UV/visible scanning spectrophotometers offer high quality split beam optics for optimum photometric performance. With five measurement modes, secure multi-user operation, excellent data portability and a wide range of easy-to-fit accessories these advanced instruments can be customised to meet individual requirements.

The 67 series has a host of novel features including a colour touch screen display which gives a fast, flexible interface and where fine cursor control is required, the QWheel makes the task easy and precise…

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Phenom™, world’s fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope takes your imaging performance to a higher level

Phenom™: stunning images, high throughput, ease of use

Phenom-World helps you to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller with the new generation Phenom™ G2 desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). The Phenom G2 offers direct access to the high-resolution and high-quality imaging necessary in a large variety of applications. It is an affordable solution that enables engineers, technicians, researchers and educational professionals to visualize micron and submicron structures…

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Mass Based Purification Simplified with Gilson LC/MS Purification System

Presenting the first practical mass-based purification system from Gilson. Developed for chemists to provide a simple, fast and flexible solution, this unique and usable purification system combines world class MS technology with existing industry leading preparative HPLC solutions.

This easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system possesses the most powerful mass based fraction collection capabilities on the market today, with a mass range from 50 to 3000 amu and a scanning speed of up to 10,000 amu/sec…

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FRITSCH Planetary Ball Mills – High-performance all-rounders in routine laboratory work!

Ideal for fast and loss-free grinding from a few milligrams to several kilograms at a wide range of fineness levels down to less than 1 µm – dry or in suspension – absolutely reliable, easy to operate and to clean!

Your advantages with FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line

  • Fast grinding to below 1 μm
  • Up to 800 rpm
  • Safe clamping of the bowls with the Safe-Lock-System
  • Simple, ergonomic handling and easy cleaning

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NEW HALO PFP Fused-Core UHPLC columns - for Alternative Selectivity

HALO, the ‘original’ Fused-Core UHPLC columns manufactured by Advanced Materials Technology, feature a 0.5µm porous silica layer ‘fused’ onto a 1.7µm solid silica particle. The resulting columns provide faster separations and higher sample throughput, without compromising column efficiency, ruggedness and reliability. HALO® PFP is the latest addition to the range of original Fused-Core® columns for HPLC and UHPLC (ultra-fast) separations.

These Fused-Core® particles generate significantly lower back pressure compared to other UHPLC columns…

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Peak Scientific Launch New Genius2 Range of Nitrogen Gas Generators

Peak Scientific, leading the way in the development of laboratory gas Generators, are now delighted to announce the launch of the NEW Genius2 range.

The range consists of three cutting edge Nitrogen Generators. The 3010, 3020 & 3030

  • The Genius2 3010 has been designed specifically as a stand-alone system to provide gas to single LCMS applications which require a high nitrogen flow, up to 64 l/m
  • The Genius2 3020 combines’ two individual systems with separate Nitrogen outputs into a single compact unit

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Sherwood Model 260 Colorimeters shipped to the Sudan

Sherwood Scientific recently shipped 61 Model 260 Programmable Colorimeters to, Azza Medical Services Co., who successfully won a tender opportunity to supply Sherwood Colorimeters and Clinical Model 410 Flame Photometers to the Sudan

Destined for a number of hospitals within the Sudan, the Model 260 can be utilised for a wide variety of clinical chemistry tests. These “open” system colorimeters can store up to 100 programmes with options to adjust and set all parameters commonly found in colorimetric protocols …

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Ease of Use, Maximum Comfort and Precision across all Channels with the New RAININ Advanced Multichannel Pipet-Lite™ XLS

The best manual multichannel pipette on the market just got better. New Pipet-Lite XLS from RAININ is the most technically and ergonomically advanced multichannel pipette around. It is faster loading, easier on your hand and delivers more precise and consistent sample pickup across all channels. The unique LTS tip system makes it the easiest manual multichannel pipette you’ll ever use.

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New Cyclone Mill for the Sample Preparation to NIR Analysis

RETSCH ‘s new cyclone mill TWISTER is specially designed for the processing of foods and feeds for subsequent NIR analysis. The optimized form of rotor and grinding chamber generates an air jet which carries the ground sample through the integrated cyclone into the sample bottle. The air jet prevents the material from heating up, thus preserving the moisture content. The provided sieves guarantee an optimum particle size distribution so that it is not necessary to recalibrate the NIR spectrometer. The rotor speed can be adjusted in 3 steps allowing for perfect adaptation to the sample requirements. Cleaning the mill is quick and easy as the air jet effects a complete discharge of the material from the grinding chamber

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