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DEPArray - delivering uncompromised purity for rare cell analysis, bridging the gap between enrichment techniques and single cell molecular analysis.

Cronus Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of the latest innovation in single and rare cell manipulation and analysis - the DEParray from Silicone Biosystems.

At the heart of the DEPArray is its microelectronic active silicon substrate embedded with control circuitry for addressing each of the individual dielectrophoretic (DEP) cages. With step by step control, DEP cages can be moved around the device plane concurrently and independently, thus grabbing and dragging single cells and/or microbeads to or from any microchamber location…

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Metrohm IC packages – free software, columns, etc. for early birds!

Metrohm has become synonymous with water analysis. From February 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 Metrohm offers 3 all-in-one IC systems that are 100% geared to professional water analysis. During this time, customers benefit from highly valuable equipment (MagIC Net™ software, column, ultrafiltration equipment, inline eluent preparation) that Metrohm gives away with each of the three packages – absolutely free!

Users can choose between a basic package (Water Analysis Basic) for routine analysis of standard anions, an advanced package (Water Analysis Advanced) also capable of analyzing oxyhalides and a premium package (Water Analysis Complete) for the comprehensive ion analysis including oxyhalides and cation analysis…

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Cubis® has been designed for users who expect nothing but the best in a lab balance in all areas of performance, but who want to invest in only what is necessary.

This is why Sartorius has gone far beyond further developing features that already exist.

To learn more visit www.sartorius-mechatronics.com/cubis

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SLS partner with Kinesis Ltd to provide pipette servicing

Nottingham based Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) has teamed up with leading pipette calibration and repair specialists, Kinesis Ltd. The new partnership means SLS customers now benefit from a comprehensive service that covers the whole pipettor lifecycle from supply to servicing.

SLS and Kinesis will operate a true partnership approach to ensure that customers who require accredited or non accredited services both benefit from the pipette servicing packages. SLS also provide a number of cost effective pre-service and interim service validation and certification packages…

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Personal Evaporator for HPLC Sample Preparation

The MiniVap™ Blowdown Evaporator from Porvair Sciences takes just minutes to remove volatile organic solvents from your HPLC fractions collected in 24- or 96-well microplates.

Compact in design the affordably priced MiniVap™ is simple to install, operate and maintain. Installation just requires connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket. Safety of operation is ensured as the CE marked compact unit fits into all fume cupboards.

For further information please download our 2011 pdf catalogue from http://www.microplates.com/downloads.php

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PIPETMAN® M – A new ergonomic motorized pipette from Gilson

Introducing the new Pipetman® M, a logical evolution of the Pipetman® which has been the world pipetting standard for over 35 years. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, Pipetman M is fully motorized and requires virtually zero pipetting force. Pipetman M looks, performs, and feels like the original Pipetman, offering advanced ergonomic features and enhanced user-friendly functionality. Designed with both experienced and inexperienced users in mind, Pipetman M is extremely intuitive, requires no learning curve to master, and is offered at a price that is less than most users would expect to pay for a motorized pipette…

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Peak Scientific Win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2011

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd, Scottish manufacturers of nitrogen, hydrogen and air generators have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2011, the most prestigious business award in the UK.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade has been awarded on the advice of the prime minister after examination by an Advisory Committee composed of leading individuals from industry, commerce, trade unions and government. The appointment can be attributed to Peak Scientifics’ substantial and sustained increase in export earnings. This has been achieved through the manufacture of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air generator products to a level which is outstanding as well as the provision of quality service…

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Jenway’s easy-to-use electrochemistry meters

Jenway offers an extensive range of meters for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity, which are all covered by a three year warranty.

The Jenway meters range from basic portable units which are water resistant, have 500 hours battery life and are supplied with a free carry case; to advanced combined pH and conductivity laboratory meters.

All of the advanced pH and conductivity laboratory meters have automatic standard recognition to ensure accuracy of results and can be calibrated using 1, 2 or 3 calibration points. The laboratory conductivity meters have additional modes for salinity and resistivity, adding to the flexibility of these advanced meters…

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Sherwood Model 260 Colorimeter. Saving their Bacon.

The Sherwood Model 260 Colorimeter is used in the pig breeding industry to measure the density of boar semen. This is a vital determination for the suppliers of Artificial Insemination doses. The measured density dictates how many viable doses can be made up from one sample. Those doses are then supplied to pig farmers who rely on artificial insemination as a procedure to make their own business more viable. Both supplier and customer then, depend heavily on the accuracy of this measurement to maximise yield.

The Model 260, unlike other colorimeters, can be re-calibrated from time to time, at bulb change for example…

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Are you remotely interested?

Astell Scientific's latest ground-breaking innovation is a new 3G remote wireless support system which ensures that technical assistance can be provided by experienced technicians as and when required for your autoclave/sterilizer. This means that any autoclave programming or adjustments can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

This is the first system of its kind available on Astell’s entire autoclave range. With no physical internet or telephone line connection required, this system is ideal for situations where traditional infrastructure is not available, as well as instances where an engineer visit would be impractical or time consuming. Effectively, anywhere there is a 3G connection available, remote support can be utilized…

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GC and its uses in the modern analytical laboratory, 28th & 30th June, Reading & Manchester

Hichrom Limited & Thermo Scientific are running GC Seminars taking place at the Madejski Stadium, Reading on the 28th June and at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport, on the 30th June.

These days will be of great interest to all those who are involved in Gas Chromatography in the modern analytical environment and wish to expand their knowledge or simply want to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in GC.

A series of talks will look at important application areas in the petrochemical industry and the environmental industry and the day will also include talks on GC troubleshooting, GC method development and Sample Preparation techniques used for GC…

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‘Small and simple’: Watson-Marlow’s new 120 peristaltic pump

With development based on extensive feedback from customers, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has launched its new 120 peristaltic pump range.

Ultimately the 120 pumps have been developed to increase the low-flow capabilities of the company’s product range for applications in the biopharm and laboratory sectors. The market need is well understood, with customers voicing their own mantra, “keep it small, keep it simple”. As a result, Watson-Marlow has produced a pump that is focussed on size, performance and ease-of-use.

Eric W. Johnson at Novozymes Inc, who was one of the first people to use the new 120 pump comments: “I love simple and this has a small footprint without a lot of bells and whistles…

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Buchner Rings help efficient and safe vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration is a technique for separating a solid product from a solvent or liquid reaction mixture. The mixture of solid and liquid is poured through a filter paper in a Buchner funnel. The solid is trapped by the filter and the liquid is drawn through the funnel into the flask below, by a vacuum.

Labtex Buchner Rings ensure a vacuum tight seal and flask stability when performing filtration on the bench.

Profiled natural compound rubber rings (60 shore) for use with Buchner funnels, flasks, glass crucibles and gooch crucibles…

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New 2011 Chromatography Consumables Catalogue from Worldwide Glass Resources

Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its newly expanded 2011 catalog! Inside you will find such items as:

  • Chromatography Vials
  • Sample Vials and Closures
  • Headspace Vials
  • High Recovery Vials
  • Limited Volume Inserts
  • Syringe Filters In addition to these items, we also offer a series of custom services including:
  • Custom Vial Design
  • Barcode and Label Services
  • Tare-Weighing Services …

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Compliance Management in the Laboratory and Beyond

Autoscribe has released its regulatory compliance management suite designed to help you meet the key issues of compliance management. The suite comprises six modules, Controlled Documents, Audit Planning, Corrective and Preventive Action Management, Competency Tracking, Customer Feedback and Asset Management. The modules are offered either as individual modules or as a complete suite to cover all your requirements.

In a laboratory environment the use of standard analytical methods is regarded as good practice. The methods must be version controlled and any changes recorded. The management of controlled documents is achieved using the Controlled Documents module. It is also important to know that the person carrying out an analysis is qualified to do so…

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