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Russell Purvis

Introducing the NM- 3G Nitrogen Gas Generators

Our new Genius range of Gas Generators is smoother, quieter, safer and more efficient than anything on the market. The Genius range offers superb technical performance in the lab and comes with our ‘world class’ after sales service as standard.

The NM-3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with any LC/MS instrument. This Premium model offers safeguards that are unique to Peak Scientific generators and effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions.

Features & Benefits:
Reassurance – Designed with back- up compressor capacity
Fail Safe – Continuous operation to allow for scheduled maintenance…

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First interacting rotary evaporating system

The Rotavapor System from BUCHI is a unique combination of cunning system control and trend-setting design. All instruments, Rotavapor, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Controller and Recirculating Chiller communicate with each other. The perfect combination of effectiveness for an optimized, environmental friendly, and cost saving distillation.

The Rotavapor system enables automatic processes to achieve the best possible results. A central system controller allows you to set all parameters at once. The process time is significantly reduced by the pre-installed “Solvent-Library” and the “Auto-Distillation” functions. This allows a quick start of the process and a fast sample throughput…

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Full flexibility and outstanding crossflow filtration performance combined

The SARTOFLOW® Advanced is a modular benchtop crossflow system optimized for ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of

  • vaccines
  • monoclonal antibodies and
  • recombinant proteins

The system is suitable for flexible use in laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials…

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Entry-level spectrophotometers narrow the bandwidth – and the footprint!

Jenway’s new 73 series spectrophotometer range provides entry-level instruments with a narrower spectral bandwidth of 5nm and an improved absorbance range of –0.3 to 2.5A, all within an innovative space-saving design.

The design of the 73 series cleverly minimises the overall footprint of the instrument by incorporating the large graphical display into the instrument’s lid. The easy to read display is ideal for demonstrations and enables live spectrum and kinetics scans to be clearly viewed. The instruments have the additional option of an integral printer, for further space saving…

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NEW ACE® ExcelTM Ultra Robust UHPLC Columns – 2µm, 3µm and 5µm particle sizes and unique selectivities for rapid method development

Advanced Chromatography Technologies have launched a new range of UHPLC columns.

ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC columns offer you all the benefits that chromatographers have come to expect from ACE columns (exceptional reproducibility and robustness, combined with excellent quality and efficiency) but have been especially engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of UHPLC. Additionally, ACE® ExcelTM UHPLC columns are available in a wide range of selectivities, including the unique ACE C18-AR and ACE C18-PFP phases, enabling chromatographers to take advantage of the extremely powerful benefit of selectivity combined with efficiency…

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Now available ! New Acura® manual XS micropipettes - a master in metrology

Shorter size, smoother activation, lighter in weight, the eight models offer key features aiming at excellence in pipetting.

An optimized shape / size ratio cares for superior drivability. This greatly improves precision of hand movement, especially with micro tubes.

The unique tightness lip seal reduces activation forces and provides for ultra-soft pipetting, further reducing hand-fatigue while working. Yet, sharp plunger stops result in unsurpassed metrologic performances.

Located on the front side, the volume display with contrasted digits remains visible at all times…

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SLS bringing Büchi to new customers

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) are pleased to announce a new business venture with Swiss manufacturer Büchi. Enjoying an enviable position in a number of markets including rotary evaporation and food analysis, Büchi have chosen to partner with SLS as a new UK distributor.

Remarking upon this new relationship, Büchi UK General Manager Neil Evans said: “We are excited to be working with SLS as a new vendor for our products. With SLS’ focus on flexibility and their presence in the food production sector of the UK market, we anticipate that, through the SLS distribution network, the Büchi product range will be able to reach new customers.”…

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Simplify Connections in Your GC

SGE Analytical Science has introduced a range of GC connections that offer these advantages over other connectors, press-fits, splitters and ferrules:

  • Chemically inert
  • Superb operational stability
  • Low dead volume
  • Easy to install and leak free.

New SilTite™ µ-union simplifies connecting guard columns or columns when using GCxGC. SilFlow™ microchannel device enables maximum chromatography performance when column switching and splitting, back flushing and performing multidimensional GC. SilTite™ FingerTite Ferrules allow finger tightening avoiding the use of tools and achieve a perfect seal…

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Sherwood Scientific commits to ‘Update and Automate’ concept for all model 410 Flame Photometers

Operators of all model 410 Flame Photometers can now retrofit a digital interface/lineariser module and benefit from the new 410 BlueNotes software package, illustrating Sherwood Scientific's ‘update and automate' policy for instruments up to twenty years old. The latest Industrial and Clinical 410s come with the new module already fitted.

With an extensive worldwide installed base and continuing strong demand, the model 410 Flame Photometer is a valued instrument in many industries…

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