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NEW product brochure available for ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC Columns – with high efficiency 2µm particles and unique phases for rapid method development

A new product brochure for ACE Excel UHPLC Columns is now available from Advanced Chromatography Technologies Limited.

ACE Excel Ultra Robust UHPLC columns offer you all the benefits that chromatographers have come to expect from ACE columns (exceptional reproducibility and robustness, combined with excellent quality and efficiency) but have been especially engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of UHPLC.

New High Efficiency 2µm ACE Particles - ACE Excel UHPLC columns are available in a new high efficiency 2µm particle size…

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Cubis® The Definition of a New Class

Cubis® has been designed for users who expect nothing but the best in a lab balance in all areas of performance, but who want to invest in only what is necessary.

This is why Sartorius has gone far beyond further developing features that already exist. To learn more visit …

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POREX® Chromatography and SPE Media

Porex Corporation, a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the healthcare, industrial and consumer markets, has enhanced its comprehensive line of POREX Chromatography and SPE Media solutions with versatile, high-performance porous materials and filters designed to endure the most challenging chromatography applications. POREX Chromatography and SPE Media exemplify the critical design standards and precision molding required for today’s technological products and can be used in a wide variety of demanding life science filtration, separation, extraction and purification applications including drug discovery, protein precipitation and dissolution…

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Autoscribe to Exhibit at ArabLab and Pittcon

Kicking off the 2012 exhibition schedule, Autoscribe will be promoting its extensive range of genuinely configurable LIMS and tracking solutions at Pittcon 2012 (Booth 1758), ARABLAB (Stand 444) and VETme (stand 6D51), this Spring.

With over 20 years of delivering long term configurable and scalable solutions, Autoscribe has expert knowledge in the development and supply of software solutions across a wide variety of industries and market sectors such as water, environmental, veterinary, food and health sciences…

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opus® titration - Precision at the push of a button.

Titration processes which are saved once can be repeatedly reactivated at the push of a button. This provides relief during routine laboratory tasks and increases the reliability of results.

Motorised titration enables the achievement of minimum droplet size You select the desired volume, and this is then delivered under motorized power at the push of a button. Titration of individual droplets can be achieved by pushing the button, thus contributing to enhanced precision. The titration impulse triggered by the motor allows opus® to achieve a droplet break-up which permits realisation of output volumes from as little as 10 μl, enabling precision determination during titration…

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Sherwood makes the best chloride analyser even better

Sherwood Scientific announced a significant update of the renowned Model 926 Chloride Analyser in 2011. This latest version retains the excellent accuracy and reliability which have made Sherwood’s Model 926 the instrument of choice and will be on display for the first time this year the ArabLAB 2012 exhibition in Dubai on Sherwood Scientific’s Stand No. 346.

For 30 years the Model 926 Chloride Analyser has been recognised by the food industry, independent studies and APHA Standard Methods as an accurate and precise instrument for measuring salt in food products…

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What to look for in a shaker

Three essential characteristics that you need from a good test sieve shaker:

  • Effective sieving action for tests to reach an ultimate end point.
  • The end point should be reached in the shortest possible time.
  • The results should be reproducible.

The construction of the shaker is important if it is to provide a long trouble free life. One powered by an electromagnet has the distinct advantage of no mechanical parts that might need servicing or replacing…

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New amperometric IC detector solves complex analytical problems

Metrohm is introducing a new amperometric detector, which complements the portfolio of intelligent ion chromatography instruments. It may always be used when electroactive substances are to be determined. This is a highly selective and sensitive method, giving reliable analyses down to the ng/L range.

Intelligent amperometric measuring cells The new amperometric detector features optimized measuring cells that are intelligent, maintenance-free, and easy to use. As a consequence of their three electrode design in the wall-jet or thin-layer geometry, they exhibit strikingly low noise and excellent signal strength…

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Micropump high performance, leak-free gear pumps from Michael Smith Engineers are ideal for most laboratory and life-science liquid transfer applications, providing accurate flow control and pulse-less fluid delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose from a wide range of models providing capacities from 5 ml/min at differential pressures up to 5.6 bar.

Find out more

Or, call us for details on :FREEPHONE 0800 316 7891

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ABB introduces the new MB-Rxfor in-situreaction monitoring

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, announces the introduction of the new MB-Rx in-situ Reaction Monitor for research laboratories and pilot plants in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The MB-Rx is a plug-and-play solution designed around the key concepts of analytical performance, reliability and simplicity. This robust analyzer provides real-time insight into chemical reaction dynamics. Key parameters such as kinetics over different phases, reagent consumption and the synthesis of products and by-products can be assessed in real time…

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The Future of High-Throughput Screening with the PHERAstar FS

As 1536-well microplates were introduced to high throughput screening (HTS), adoption was not immediate. Now instruments with 1536-well microplate capability are a mandatory consideration for most HTS workflows. Will a similar pattern hold for 3456-well microplate formats? With BMG LABTECH’s PHERAstar FS, scientists now have the option to go to smaller volumes.

The PHERAstar FS can reliably measure not only 1536-well microplates, but also 3456-well plates in primary and secondary cell-based HTS assays. Technological advancements provide the perfect platform to reliably measure smaller volumes…

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Bioplastics Research Aided by CDS Analytical Pyrolyzers

One of the newest, and most promising, developments in polymer science is the emergence of bioplastics. Bioplastics are polymers made completely, or at least partially, from renewable resources like cellulose, starch, and algae. It is widely believed that increasing acceptance of bioplastics will help slow the pace of climate degradation by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The market for bioplastics is accelerating rapidly and industry experts believe it could reach $3 billion by 2018.

Pyrolysis-GCMS has long played a role in the study of industrial polymers such as rubbers, coatings, and plastics…

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Microwave Vials from Worldwide Glass Resources

Worldwide Glass Resources’ Microwave Vials are engineered and manufactured from heavy wall Type I, Class A (1rst hydrolytic) borosilicate glass to allow for uniform heating while withstanding pressures up to 300 PSI (20 bars).

  • Our Microwave Vials are manufactured to exacting specifications using the latest electronic quality camera gauging systems to ensure proper fit and function.
  • The 20mm aluminum seals are supplied preassembled with high quality 0.125”thick Blue PTFE/Silicone Septa that have been engineered and designed for multiple injections

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InGenius3 – the perfect gel doc system for easy, affordable imaging

Come and visit Syngene stand 136 at ArabLab to see the newly launched InGenius3 gel documentation system. Designed with a compact darkroom, as well as blue, white and UV lighting options, InGenius3 offers maximum gel imaging versatility at an affordable price.

The InGenius3 features a high-resolution 3 million pixel CCD camera that can be connected to the laboratory’s choice of PC. The system is controlled by Syngene’s intuitive GeneSys imaging software, which guides scientists to the correct combination of filters and lighting, making it easy to set up InGenius3 to produce high quality gel images every time…

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New CentriVap® micro IR Vacuum Concentrator uses infrared heat to speed sample evaporation process

Labconco Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri, presents the CentriVap micro IR Vacuum Concentrator. This concentrator has the smallest footprint available so it fits in tight spaces and is ideal for small throughput in molecular biology, proteomics, genomic, genetics, cell biology and drug discovery labs.Weighing only 9 kilograms, this personal-sized concentrator may be easily transported from lab to lab.

Everything about the CentriVap micro IR includes many features. Its transparent infrared (IR) glass lid directs heat over the samples to speed evaporation and reduce cross contamination from condensation…

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POREX® BioDesign™ Glass Fiber

Porex Corporation, a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the healthcare, industrial and consumer markets, has launched an innovative line of glass fiber designed to deliver precision, accuracy and reliability when used in the most challenging filtration, separation, extraction and purification procedures. Manufactured in various particle retention sizes and thicknesses, Porex BioDesign Glass Fiber helps prevent premature clogging and compromising flow rates when processing large volumes and challenging solutions. It can be used in a wide array of life science and diagnostic applications including spin columns, assay plates, purification kits and IVD sample wicks, absorbent pads and conjugate release

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European Microscopy Congress 2012 – Manchester UK

Light and electron microscopy across the life and physical sciences will take centre stage in Manchester from 16th – 21st September 2012.

The 15th European Microscopy Congress, emc2012, will be Europe’s largest ever event dedicated to microscopy and imaging. It includes an international conference comprising over 30 sessions within four symposia, an exhibition with over 100 companies, plus a programme of workshops, training opportunities, and a busy social programme. The Call for Papers has been made, and the deadline for abstract submission is 16th March…

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