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Our June issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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EVOLVE Manual Pipettes – Set Volumes More Than Ten Times Faster!

The EVOLVE manual pipette features three adjustable dials to rapidly set volumes. This revolutionary approach reduces repetitive stress injuries and allows users to set volumes in a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional manual pipette.

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Latest news


New, modular system enables multi-method analysis of chemical parameters on a single platform

Quality control in many industries depends on the routine analysis of a handful of key parameters. Often, determination of these parameters is distributed across several technologies and methods. This goes along with cumbersome aggregation of results and management of data from different sources. With the launch of the new, modular OMNIS platform for comprehensive wet chemical analysis, this situation will change.…

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Double Ended Cell Lifter from J. G. Finneran

New from Finneran, Double Ended Cell Lifters have a 19mm beveled edge blade on one end and a Narrow Blade on the other for removing cells from Multiple Well Plates or Tubes.

The Narrow Blade version is tapered on one end to fit into 96 Well Plates or Micro Centrifuge Tubes. Sold in case pack of 100.

Unique biotechnology products manufactured by J.G. Finneran Associates are available internationally from a network of laboratory dealers…

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Improve NGS Library Quantification with the Techne Prime Pro 48

With the advent of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) came the ability to learn more about genomes than ever before and also the ability to do so faster. This trend has done nothing but continue with speed and data quality improving though chemistry and platform advances.

However, NGS is by no means a cheap commodity in any lab. With systems ranging from around $150,000 to easily in excess of $1,000,000 the cost of purchasing and running such systems is still very high, driving a need to get the most from every run…

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Simple PCR set-up from Tecan

Tecan is making it easier than ever before to set up and miniaturize qPCR reactions. In direct response to customer requests, the company has launched an updated software package for its D300e Digital Dispenser, offering new functionality and extending this innovative device’s flexibility for genomics workflows.

The D300e provides picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of liquids directly into assay plates, and the software now features a PCR Wizard that guides the user through qPCR set-up. Offering accurate and reproducible…

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Speed. Confidence. Sensitivity. Value. Performance.

The Alpha Cycler PCR system, putting you in control.

PCRmax have spent time listening to users and what is important for them in a PCR system. The common theme of confidence, both in a new unit and ongoing system performance, as well as ease of use was paramount. To address these needs PCRmax have developed the free Alpha Track Mobile App to be used with the cyclers and created a simple and powerful software…

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Sugar analyses using NEW ACE NH2 (Amino) HPLC/UHPLC columns

This new high stability amino phase from Advanced Chromatography Technologies is ideal for the analysis of sugars. ACE NH2 (Amino) columns are based on a proprietary bonding technology which provides high robustness and excellent column lifetimes.

  • Proprietary bonding technology
  • Use in RP, NP, weak-anion exchange and HILIC modes
  • Ultra-inert and high efficiency 1.7μm, 3μm and 5μm particles
  • Excellent reproducibility batch-to-batch and column-to-column …
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Cepheid Announces World Health Organization Prequalification Of Xpert HIV-1 Qualitative Test

Broadens Access to Critical Diagnostic Results for Infants Born with HIV

Cepheid today announced that its Xpert® HIV-1 Qual (Qualitative) test has been awarded World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification, making it one of the first molecular point of care tests designed for HIV to be given this designation. The test can detect HIV-1 in whole blood and dried blood spots from individuals suspected of HIV infection, including infants. Inclusion in the prequalification list signifies that Xpert HIV-1…

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Tandem Ionisation® for Mass Spectrometry speeds up full sample characterisation

Tandem Ionisation® allows both soft and classical electron ionisation mass spectra to be acquired simultaneously across an entire GC or GC×GC run. This provides analysts the capability to acquire both soft EI spectra and conventional 70 eV spectra at the same time in an integrated workflow. This means that a single GC or GC×GC run can provide all the information needed to fully characterise a sample for both target compounds and unknowns. Tandem Ionisation, unique to Markes, generates two spectra from a single peak by…

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Exceptional Fast Scanning Spectroscopy

Coming soon to the Jenway range is a new 7200 visible spectrophotometer that measures the entire wavelength range in one measurement using advanced diode array technology. It has been designed for simple, fast and robust use in routine analysis, research and education laboratories. With its diverse range of measurement modes, it is suitable for many different applications, including food and beverage, quality control and industrial testing…

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New Stuart Automatic Melting Point

The New Stuart Automatic Melting point incorporates high resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically. The SMP50’s digital camera also records the sample melt, providing confirmation of the automatically-obtained result and time-stamped video files that can be easily transferred to a PC for long-term proof of measurement and traceability.

The latest addition to the Stuart range of Melting Point products can be trusted to measure sample melting points automatically, through monitoring and identifying small changes in the sample. Its accurate and reliable capabilities…

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Vydac, Alltima, Alltima HP, Prevail, Apollo, Allsep, Apex and Genesis HPLC Columns are Still Available

Original Grace HPLC columns including Vydac, Alltima, Alltima HP, Prevail, Apollo, Allsep, Apex and Genesis HPLC columns are still available! Hichrom is pleased to announce that we have acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture and sell these analytical HPLC column ranges from Grace. All columns are manufactured to identical protocols and to the same exacting specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech. Part numbers also remain unaffected by this acquisition…

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Priorclave RSC Autoclaves Can Improve Lab Efficiency

With its 350 litre chamber the RSC 350 laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice for high throughput sterilising applications or where there is a requirement to handle extra-bulky items. The popularity of this front-loading autoclave is driven by a design that offers a large sterilising chamber yet requires a relatively small footprint which makes for easier positioning and installation since it will pass through a standard door.

The RSC 350 laboratory autoclave from specialist autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is proving to be a popular choice for those laboratories in the food…

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