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Our November issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software: A Whole New Era of Power

Empower 3, the most powerful Chromatography Data Software, is also the easiest to use. With over 30 improvements, it is more flexible, automated, and user-friendly. Improvements resulting in a solution well-suited for every lab-driven business.

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Drugs of Abuse, Pesticides, Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Sugars, Catecholamines and Metanephrines - these applications and more are in the new HPLC/UHPLC Applications Guide from ACT.

Need applications for Screens for Drugs of Abuse and Pesticides? Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACT) Limited have recently published a new and comprehensive LC Applications Guide bringing together over 340 of the latest LC and LC-MS applications from a wide range of fields including Clinical, Forensic & Bioanalysis, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, LC-MS and more…

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Faster liquid handling system development for OEM applications

Tecan is making it quicker and easier than ever before for manufacturers to develop instruments for advanced liquid handling applications. The launch of the new Cavro® Omni Flex further extends the flexibility and convenience of the company’s popular Cavro Omni Robot by offering more hardware options to complement its precision pipetting, including frames, worktables, power and input/output management, racks and all the pumps and other options required to perform liquid handling tasks.

Tecan understands that rapid development and testing are crucial to achieve the shortest possible time-to-market, and has designed the Cavro Omni Flex to …

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J.G. Finneran Expanding Vineland Manufacturing Operation

J.G. Finneran Associates, manufacturer of glass and plastic products for the global chromatography, biotechnology and environmental markets, has built a new 10,200 square foot addition to their Vineland, New Jersey headquarters. This is their fourth expansion project since 1990, further increasing their production capabilities and warehouse space for materials and inventory. The new construction, as well as the acquisition of new production equipment, will substantially increase the total output for the facility. This long-term strategic investment is aimed at increasing their competitiveness, improving manufacturing efficiency, and enabling future growth.

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Markes International enhances its suite of thermal desorption products with new sorptive extraction technology

Markes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the launch of a new technology for high-capacity sorptive extraction of organic chemicals from liquids and solids.

The new HiSorb product range includes probes and accessories that sorptively extract volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) for analysis by thermal desorption (TD)–GC–MS. They can be used for both immersive extraction from liquids, or headspace sampling from solids …

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New, modular system for multi-method analysis on a single platform

Quality control in many industries depends on the routine analysis of a handful of key parameters. Often, determination of these parameters is distributed across several technologies and methods. This goes along with cumbersome aggregation of results and management of data from different sources. With the launch of the new, modular OMNIS platform for comprehensive wet chemical analysis, this situation will change.

The new modular platform by Metrohm integrates comprehensive wet chemical analysis focusing on titration methods at the time of its first release with the …

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RAININ's TerraRack – 100% Recyclable Tip Packaging

Our world is becoming more environmentally aware with recycling being considered a necessity both domestically and commercially. Anybody working in a laboratory that uses pipettes and tips knows how much waste tip racks produce, how expensive they are to dispose of and the amount of space these used racks can take up. For most labs the cost of running a recycling scheme can be prohibatory as they tend to be priced upon the weight of the plastic being recycled.

That is why Rainin's TerraRack pipette tip racks, the winner of the Bronze Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice, are an ideal solution to this …

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Sherwood Scientific’s 420 BlueNotes software package

New software adds value and flexibility to dual channel flame photometers

Sherwood Scientific’s Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometers now come with 420 BlueNotes software. This new software not only enables the instruments to perform sample analyses outside the linear response range but also facilitates measurement of all elements simultaneously.

Supplied free with all newly-built Model 420 and 425 instruments, the 420 BlueNotes package greatly increases the utility of these dual channel flame photometers. The linear response range of the standalone instrument is …

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Rainin TerraRacks enhance process security for CROs

Pelago Bioscience in Solna, Sweden, is taking advantage of the enhanced process security and convenience offered by METTLER TOLEDO’s Rainin TerraRack™ pipette tip racks. Dr Charlotta Norling, Project Leader at Pelago, explained: “We perform contract research activities for the pharmaceutical industry, with a particular focus on drug-target interactions in early drug discovery. We use high quality Rainin pipettes throughout the company, because we only have a very limited amount of each drug candidate, and our studies are time sensitive, meaning we cannot afford any pipetting issues which may compromise results for our customers.”…

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Stuart Automatic Melting Point, introduction video

Get closer to the recently launched Stuart SMP50 Automatic melting point by watching our new introduction video. See all of the features of the latest technology in automatic melting point detection in one short video.

The New Stuart Automatic Melting point incorporates high resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically. The SMP50’s digital camera also records the sample melt, providing confirmation of the automatically-obtained result and time-stamped video files that can be easily transferred to a PC for long-term proof of measurement and traceability…

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