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Our May issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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Introducing the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer

The SeqStudio genetic analyzer is a new 4-capillary system with an all-in-one cartridge that takes set-up time from hours to minutes – and with reagents that last months, not days - it just clicks.

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KISS® Cooling and heating circulators for laboratory applications from -30 to +200 °C

Huber Kältemaschinenbau presents the new KISS® model series with economical cooling and heating circulators. KISS stands for “Keeping Innovation Safe & Simple“ and describes what the customer may expect from the devices: innovative technology with safe and easy operation!

  • KISS Circulators with USB, RS232 and OLED Display as standard
  • More than 50 models for heating and cooling from -30 °C to +200 °C
  • Highest safety standards according to class III/FL (DIN 12876) …
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High Throughput Biological Sample Collection & Processing

INTEGRA announces how its VIAFLO 96 multichannel electronic pipette has been adopted by Neoteryx LLC as an integral part of a new high throughput biological sample collection and processing system.

An increasing number of clinical labs are being confronted with a growing need to process more samples in parallel without jeopardizing the quality of their results. At a certain point it becomes impossible to keep up the pace using traditional multichannel pipettes. Yet, many users are hesitant to invest into automated liquid handling equipment because of the complexity and costs associated with such systems…

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Scientific Lab Supplies Signs Exclusive Deal for Culture Media

The UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory products is pleased to announce an exclusive deal with E & O Laboratories Ltd for their comprehensive range of microbiological media.

SLS already have a comprehensive range of microbiology equipment, consumables and media which has been further strengthened by the addition of E & O to their portfolio, with exclusivity into the universities sector. E & O Laboratories manufacture a comprehensive range of Ready-To-Use culture media in a variety of formats along with dehydrated culture media, antibiotic supplements/reagents, donor animal blood and serum…

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M926 Chloride Analyser and Active Salt Software Package from Sherwood Scientific makes QA/QC checks for Salt in Processed Foods, Dairy Products and Snacks.

For many years Sherwood Scientific’s Model 926 Chloride Analyser has been used for salt measurement by food ingredient suppliers and food manufacturers throughout the world. The M926 offers many benefits over other methods for Chloride determination…

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Socorex small volume bottle-top dispensers

The Calibrex™ bottle top dispensers are robust instruments with excellent chemical resistance. Intended for the safe and reproducible liquid distribution, the line includes 7 different sizes: 0.1-1 / 0.25-2.5 / 0.5-5 / 1-10 / 2.5-25 / 5-50 / 10-100 mL.

CalibrexTM organo 525 includes a ground glass or ceramic plunger, both suited for organics and non-crystallizing solutions.

Calibrex™ solutae 530 has a glass or ceramic PFA coated plunger for trouble free distribution of salt solutions, weak and strong acids and bases…

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Keeping Cells Alive on Microscopes

New Products - New Website microscopeheaters.com

Environmental Chambers, Heated Stage Inserts, Gas Controllers keeping cells alive on microscopes for 4-5 days. All the major microscope platforms and modalities supported. Temperature Controlled Glass Plates to control and standardise sample preparation, manipulation or microinjection procedures.

Digital Pixel have recently installed our heating systems at a variety of high profile institutes, including Bourn Hall, for embryology research, a Super Resolution system at UCL and a Zeiss 880 Confocal at the University of Sussex…

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Quantum dots to shine bright with ROMIL solvents

ROMIL solvents are helping researchers at the Cavendish Laboratory, the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physics, to develop novel quantum dots which could be used in the next generation of solar panels. James Xiao, a PhD student in the laboratory, explained: “We’re currently working on quantum dots which emit light in the infrared range, with the aim of significantly increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.” …

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Streamline LC Method Transfer and Translation – The new ACE LC Translator Tool

Streamline LC Method Transfer and LC Method Translation using the new ACE LC Translator tool. This universal tool uses the original method and column details as input, along with the new column format and additional parameters such as dwell volume. Translated methods are then automatically generated with no need for the user to manually carry out numerous calculations. Also included are a number of useful tools including experimental details for determining parameters such as dwell volume and column volume…

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95% Quantum Efficiency Scientific CMOS Camera with Computational Imaging Intelligence

Photometrics announces that its Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera now incorporates award-winning computational capabilities that significantly increase clarity of images hidden in photon shot noise, and provides new ways to address data glut, a common problem when imaging at high frame rates.

The camera was the first and is the only in the industry to offer 95 percent QE by leveraging BSI technology, combined with large pixels and low-noise characteristics to maximize light collection…

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SpeeDx and Thermo Fisher Scientific announce strategic partnership for FDA clearance of molecular diagnostic test

ResistancePlus™ MG Test would bring disease and antibiotic resistance testing for potential “superbug”

SpeeDx Pty. Ltd., a developer of innovative molecular diagnostic solutions, has signed an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. The announcement was made at the 27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ECCMID) in Vienna to submit its ResistancePlus MG Test for the detection of Mycoplasma genitalium to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)…

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The new Back 2 Basics brochure, from Scientific Laboratory Supplies, is out now!

SLS are delighted to say they have surpassed previous editions in the sheer number and quality of offers. Ideal for university laboratories especially teaching labs that are looking to restock on small bench-top equipment and consumables for the new term. Users will find products from SLSs’ own great value SLS Lab Basics and SLS SELECT ranges.

In addition to these they have some fantastic offers from market leading brands such as Jenway, Integra Biosciences, Eppendorf, Stuart, Mettler and Lec. Leading products at incredible prices ensure that whatever you need you’re sure to find products to suit your budget…

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