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Welcome to our June Newsletter

Our June issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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Electron Microscopy enabling Structural Biology Research at NYSBC

With the acquisition of FEI, Thermo Fisher Scientific has extended its leadership in materials sciences with electron microscopy innovations like CRYO EM technology. See how they are working with researchers at the New York Structural Biology Center to advance science and to look closer at sub cellular structures than ever before.

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Ergonomic Pipettes, Listen to your hand

Your hand will feel great!

Up to 40% of lab professionals suffer from injuries related to pipette use. Your hand knows that. Reduce your risk of injury by using Sartorius pipettes designed for natural hand movement and professional workflow.

For the ultimate user experience, order your personal pipette for a free trial period to discover on your own what the ideal combination of ergonomics, absolute reliability and a well-balanced design will do for you. Give your hand the support it needs!

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The new Back 2 Basics brochure, from Scientific Laboratory Supplies, is out now!

SLS are delighted to say they have surpassed previous editions in the sheer number and quality of offers. Ideal for university laboratories especially teaching labs that are looking to restock on small bench-top equipment and consumables for the new term. Users will find products from SLSs’ own great value SLS Lab Basics and SLS SELECT ranges.

In addition to these they have some fantastic offers from market leading brands such as Jenway, Integra Biosciences, Eppendorf, Stuart, Mettler and Lec. Leading products at incredible prices ensure that whatever you need you’re sure to find products to suit your budget…

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New USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras for scientific instruments and microscopy

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is adding two new sensors to its LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera series. These versatile cameras are available as a single board camera without a lens holder, as a single board camera with an S mount or CS/C mount, or as a housed version with a C/CS mount. With its miniature dimensions – the single board solution measures just 36 x 36 mm – it can be integrated in the tightest of spaces, with applications in instrument manufacturing and microscopy…

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ACE HILIC – 3 Reproducible Proprietary HILIC Selectivities Unveiled!

Advanced Chromatography Technologies Limited is introducing a range of three exciting new selectivities for HILIC. These novel proprietary phases have been developed to enable chromatographers to achieve reproducible and successful HILIC separations using a systematic approach to method development. The three phases comprise of an acidic character phase (ACE HILIC-A), a basic character phase (ACE HILIC-B) and a neutral character phase (ACE HILIC-N); each phase offering alternative selectivity …

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SepSolve Analytical opens the door to routine GC×GC analyses

SepSolve Analytical Ltd (Peterborough, UK) has announced the launch of a flow modulator, INSIGHT™, for routine comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC).

The new modulator will substantially broaden the uptake and appeal of GC×GC, thanks to simplified technology, which offers high performance while avoiding use of liquid nitrogen. This approach means a greatly reduced cost of ownership for laboratories wishing to utilise the power of GC×GC; cost has previously been considered a major barrier for the technique to all but the largest laboratories …

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Novasina, leader in water activity measurement worldwide, unveils the next milestone by introducing a break-through in water activity measuring technology

Introducing the LabMaster-aw neo

While with other measuring technology a client must decide between quick and inaccurate results or slow but precise measurements, the new LabMaster-aw neo can do both, in other words it offers the advantages of speed and accuracy all in one…

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Priorclave Pass-Through Autoclaves Maintain Sterile Passage from Labs

Every laboratory is unique in what processes and procedures take place – some requiring a more sterile working environment than others, there may even be air locks for staff to pass through, extracting, cleansing and renewing the air, a system in operation where high risk conditions are the norm. In a similar manner, some laboratories need to have a secure, clean exit path for its waste media so that it can be safely discarded…

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SpeeDx and Cepheid Announce Partnership on European Distribution

Strategic commercial partnership in key European markets

SpeeDx Pty, Ltd. today announced an agreement with Cepheid for distribution of its PlexPCRTM and ResistancePlusTM molecular diagnostic products in key markets throughout Europe. The agreement, covering Germany, France, Italy, and the UK, will increase coverage for the market-leading ResistancePlus MG test, the first CE-IVD test for Mycoplasma genitalium to combine detection with testing for azithromycin resistance. …

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Eco-Friendly, High Performance Autoclave

Designed and built in the UK, the NEW LTE Touchclave-ecotech autoclave combines a high level of standard features with exceptionally low energy and water usage. Having responded to increasing customer demands to reduce their carbon footprint and utility costs, the Touchclave-ecotech is simply the most technically advanced and ‘greenest’ multi-purpose autoclave of its type.

The ecotech range currently comprises 2 x front loading models of 40 and 60-litres, both of which can be bench mounted, plus a 60-litre top-loading model with low loading height.…

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Aluminum 96-Well Micro Plate System for High Throughput

The patented 96-Well Aluminum Micro Plate System is available with a solid or vented aluminum base plate and cover. This system is ideal for use with volatile solvents, salt screening, high throughput solubility, freeze drying samples or for testing requiring uniform heating and cooling of samples. The micro plate and cover are machined from solvent resistant anodized aluminum thus preventing finger print smudges and discoloration. The plate has a standard 8x12 (96 well) footprint with a stamped alpha-numeric ID grid. The aluminum base plate is capable of securing 0.5mL, 1.0mL, 1.5mL…

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Making LC Method Transfer and Translation Simple – The new ACE LC Translator Tool

The ACE LC Translator is a universal tool that has been designed to help simplify and streamline the process of LC Method Transfer and Method Translation. The tool uses the original method and column details as input, along with the new column format and additional parameters such as dwell volume. Translated methods are then automatically generated with no need for the user to manually carry out numerous calculations. Also included are a number of useful tools including experimental details for determining parameters such as dwell volume and column volume that are required for method translation …

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