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Our December issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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Coulometric vs. Volumetric Karl Fischer Instruments

What type of Karl Fischer titrator is right for you?

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Save the Date - Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference on May 23rd 2018

SLS will be staging the next Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference on May 23rd 2018 at the award winning East Midlands Conference Centre, The University of Nottingham. Working in partnership with The Science Council – next year’s show and conference promises to be bigger and better than ever. There will be over 60 exhibitors on hand to discuss visitor’s laboratory needs and show off their latest products and technologies.

The conference program will be full and varied and by attending visitors will gain CPD points. There will be a workshop program within a Professional …

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Certified R.A.M.™ 9mm Screw Thread Vial Kits from J.G. Finneran

J.G. Finneran the industry leader in quality chromatography vials and accessories offers Certified Vial Kits for your LC/MS, GC/MS, and chromatography high sensitivity applications. Understanding the importance of using particulate free vials for sample preparation, our vials are lot tested to meet the high standards our customers require. LC Certified and Mass Spec Certified Vials are available with or without graduated marking spots. Choose from bonded PTFE/Silicone or bonded PTFE/Silicone with slit septa. Our sealed and re-closeable container includes…

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New ePrep Sample Preparation Workstation

Effortless Accuracy. Consistent Results. Automation for every Laboratory

Whether it’s 5 or 500 samples, ePrep allows accurate automated sample preparation with consistent results. The Eprep suite of innovative technologies brings affordable robotic sample preparation to every laboratory. Rapid programming and simple instrument setup allows even complex Workflows to be configured in minutes. The ePrep’s standalone operation also improves flexibility and effectiveness in a laboratory setting …

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HPLC Training from Mel Euerby and other leading chromatography experts - Hichrom’s 2018 training courses

With courses delivered by world-renowned experts including Mel Euerby, Mark Powell, Diane Turner and others the new 2018 Hichrom training calendar is now available! Whether you are a relative newcomer to chromatography or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from one of our courses.

Courses for 2018 include Pharmaceutical Data Integrity, Preparative HPLC, HILIC Method Development and Reversed-phase Method Development . …

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ROMIL Hi-Dry® – anhydrous solvents you can depend on

ROMIL’s Hi-Dry® anhydrous solvents take the high purity concept of ROMIL-SpS™ Super Purity Solvents one step further. This exceptional range of solvents delivers extremely low water levels of 50 ppm (0.0050 %) or less, with many products routinely manufactured to below 5 ppm (0.0005 %), using coulometric Karl Fischer analysis to ensure specifications are met. …

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Bigneat offers the widest range of powder handling and weighing stations available

Laboratory safety equipment and enclosure manufacturer Bigneat Ltd manufactures a range of HEPA filtration safety cabinets for user protection for up to OE level 5.

There are four ranges to choose from and your choice will be influenced by the precision of the weighing you wish to undertake. The compact ‘F3-XIT’ is suitable for weighing on a precision balance to three decimal places …

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Cogent™ Diamond-Hydride – the “Metabolomics” HPLC Column for Highly Polar Molecules

Cogent™ Diamond-Hydride columns are an ideal choice for metabolomics applications. This unique phase is based on TYPE-C™ silica in which the silica surface is populated with silicon-hydride bonds instead of silanols. Patented bonding technology is used to create the ‘Diamond-Hydride’ with direct silicon-carbon bonds on the silica hydride surface. …

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Need to Sterilise Tall Items?

The versatile C60 top-loading laboratory autoclaves available from Priorclave are the ideal sterilisers for laboratories looking to process tall items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer flasks or they have a high-density load requirement but have limited floor space.

Designed and built by one of the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturers, the Priorclave compact C60 autoclave with its 60 litre stainless steel, top loading chamber can accommodate easily ten one-litre. …

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Merck Introduces Stericup® Quick Release System for Improved Cell Culture Filtration

Merck, a leading science and technology company, has launched the new Stericup® Quick Release 500 ml vacuum filtration system, a filter bottle system ideally suited for sterile filtration of cell culture media, buffers and reagents.

The Stericup® Quick Release system is the next generation of the original Stericup® Sterile Vacuum Filtration System, which has been a staple in labs around the world for decades. The improved liquid sterile filtration system offers ergonomic design updates that optimize user control and streamline the filtration process, while safeguarding results with the proven performance of Millipore® membranes.

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