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Welcome to our June Newsletter

Our June issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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ASSIST PLUS Pipetting Robot

INTEGRA has developed the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to streamline routine pipetting tasks at an affordable price. Using INTEGRA electronic multichannel pipettes, the system automates pipetting tasks, eliminates physical strain and ensures superior reproducibility and error free pipetting.

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TAN/TBN titration in petrochemical samples – walk away automation for up to 112 samples

Metrohm is pleased to present a fully automated solution for the determination of Total Acid Number (TAN) and Total Base Number (TBN) in up to 112 samples. This solution is based on the OMNIS Sample Robot and addresses the needs of QC laboratories in the petrochemical industry as well as contract laboratories looking for an efficient solution to cope with high sample loads at the lowest possible cost per sample …

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New Catalogue from Scientific Laboratory Supplies

Taking Customer Service to New Heights

The new SLS Catalogue is out now! This new edition builds on the great changes that were made for the last edition. One of the new features is the ‘At a Glance’ information which highlights 3 of the key attributes of the product.

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ACE® ChromSword 2 Method Development Kits – An Improved Solution for Method Development

Overcome (U)HPLC method development challenges systematically and efficiently using ultra-high purity ACE HPLC columns with the ChromSword 2 method development software. The ACE ChromSword 2 Method Development Kit includes 6 carefully chosen alternative selectivity ACE phases and the ChromSword 2 Offline method development software with a 6-month activation licence …

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Miele offers best care for laboratory glassware

High quality glassware is essential to reliable and accurate laboratory results, and requires appropriate reprocessing to ensure continued performance and a long service life. Miele, a global leader in washing equipment, is delighted to partner with DWK Life Sciences by supporting training initiatives in glassware use and becoming its recommended brand for laboratory washer disinfectors …

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Introducing NEW HALO® Phases – 1,000 Å ES-C18 and 90 Å Biphenyl

Advanced Material Technologies (AMT) have announced the brand-new HALO® 1,000 Å ES-C18 phase as part of their BioClass range of Fused-Core® HPLC columns! This unique phase is perfect for the separation of monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and large proteins. Available in 2.7 µm and 3.4 µm particle sizes, the 1,000 Å ES-C18 exhibits low bleed making it ideal for your LC-MS applications. Perform HPLC and UHPLC separations on large biomolecules at moderate backpressures …

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KISS Cooling and heating circulators for laboratory applications from -30 to +200 °C

Huber Kältemaschinenbau presents the new KISS® model series with economical cooling and heating circulators. KISS stands for “Keeping Innovation Safe & Simple“ and describes what the customer may expect from the devices: innovative technology with safe and easy operation!

The new KISS circulators are ideally suited for routine laboratory applications such as sample temperature control, analyses and material testing as well as the external temperature control of measuring devices and test setups …

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Taking a flow chemistry approach for medicinal chemistry programs

The versatile Asia flow chemistry system from Syrris is helping researchers at the University of Perugia in Italy to develop novel integrated systems for medicinal chemistry programs. Antimo Gioiello, Associate Professor in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, explained: “The department focuses chiefly on the discovery and characterization of synthetic and natural bioactive compounds, and the development of pharmaceutical formulations to improve the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of lead compounds …

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Small Versatile Benchtop Autoclave

Whether you are planning a start-up laboratory, an established lab with low sterilising throughputs, creating a Cat 3 laboratory or a lab manager wanting a more affordable, simple to operate and easy to install steam steriliser, the self-contained Priorclave C40 benchtop laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice. It is a compact, featured-packed and competitively priced autoclave offering truly exceptional value and requires simply plugging directly into a 230V supply to get it fully operational …

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Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next LIMS

A recent webinar from Autoscribe Informatics entitled ‘Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next LIMS’ is now availiable. This webinar is designed to help you consider the critical areas that will influence the choices to be made …

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