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Welcome to our February Newsletter

Our February issue is packed full of information and offers on the latest laboratory products and industry news from leading suppliers within the scientific industry.

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Understanding the basic mechanisms and physiology of GPCRs

The CLARIOstar microplate reader is used to run a variety of assays mainly focussing on cell signalling and protein-protein interaction studies, adopting fluorescence complementation and luminescence complementation techniques.
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New Edition of Focus Special Offers and New products Brochure Available from Scientific Laboratory Supplies

Scientific Laboratory supplies (SLS) is delighted to launch their new edition of Focus, packed full of special exclusive offers and new products this edition is their best yet. With over 50 pages of products to choose from there are products for all applications spanning life science to analytical chemistry and everything inbetween …

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Cell culture made easy with new 24-channel pipetting heads for VIAFLO 96/384

INTEGRA has responded to customers’ requests and developed two new 24-channel pipetting heads, extending the capabilities of its popular VIAFLO 96/384. Designed to make cell biology workflows more efficient and reliable, these handheld electronic pipettes allow plate filling, reagent addition or sample transfers to be performed in a single step, enabling quicker and more accurate pipetting …

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New M420Cs Flame Photometer with Caesium Internal Reference

The Model 420Cs is the latest addition to Sherwood Scientific Ltd.’s Flame Photometer range. Based on the established M420, the Model 420Cs offers improved performance and flexibility.

Where the Model 420Cs comes into its own is with the addition of a Caesium filter, enabling use of a Caesium internal reference as an alternative to the Lithium reference channel offered on Sherwood Dual Channel models up to now …

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Quick filling of pipette tip racks

Socorex is pleased to inform about the launch of its new Qualitix® tipfill system for easy and quick rack filling. It includes a re-closable cardboard box containing prefilled tip inserts.

To refill an empty rack, open tipfill box, take a new insert and position it into the rack. During transfer, a transparent cover protects tips from any direct hand contact and contamination. It also prevents tips wobbling during refilling …

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Huge Savings Off Selected SiliCycle C8 and C18 SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns

SiliaChrom Plus is the latest proprietary silica-based material for your more challenging separations requiring high quality performance and resolution, enhanced chromatographic performance, lot-to-lot reproducibility and extended column life…

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Priorclave’s Autoclaves NOW have Wi-Fi Connectivity

Bee Live upgrade provides immediate connectivity to a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Smart phones, tablets, iPads and laptops

This is available as a service upgrade to all Priorclave laboratory and research sterilisers currently in use and fitted with the extremely versatile Tactrol® 2 controller…

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New Gilson Benchtop Instruments, The Perfect Complement to Your Workflow

Gilson has launched a brand new range of benchtop instruments that perfectly complements their pipetting systems and laboratory workflows. It is well known that Gilson’s pipetting systems are critical in almost each and every scientific experiment to guarantee reliable and trusted results regardless of application. They help to prepare, isolate, withdraw, and store samples and material for analysis …

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Huber presents a new budget-friendly and economically chiller range

Many technical applications depend on a reliable cooling solution. Huber Minichillers and Unichillers are the ideal solution for environmentally friendly and economical cooling in laboratory and industry. There are several air and water cooled models available, with cooling powers from 0.3 to 20 kW. Efficient energy management in all Huber chillers ensures low operating costs and a quick return on investment …

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Want to see something really new in Gel Documentation?

Do you want to move your gel and blot imaging to the next level using the latest developments in sensor technology? Gone are the days you simply put a CCD camera in a box and called it a gel documentation system. Pop-Bio Imaging are changing the face of image capture of gels and blots with the innovative Vü system for fluorescence and chemiluminescence …

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Wine Fraud: Chemical Fingerprint Uncorks Juicy Facts

High-precision chemical fingerprint allows unambiguous identification

EQ BOKU at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna uses high-tech approach to classification of 42 wines

Numerous components of 42 different wines have been analysed using state-of-the-art equipment for the first time…

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Tecan launches NGS DreamPrep™ delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy for automated library preparation

Tecan announces the launch of NGS DreamPrep™, a fully-automated approach to next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation for research use. This groundbreaking new approach offers quality controlled, sequencing-ready NGS libraries in just a matter of hours, with minimal manual interaction and no sample loss…

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How To Increase Productivity & Efficiency In Laboratories

Lab work, as I’m sure you’re aware, comes with many pressures, and one of which is productivity. Streamlined efficiency and making your lab work as hard as possible can often be high up on the agenda. In this post, the experts at Radleys, offer actionable tips and advice on improving productivity…

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£700,000 Award Funds New Research into Ways to Control Liquid Droplets

Academics from Northumbria University are to continue their ground-breaking research into the behaviour of liquids, leading a new project to investigate how to control the way liquids form into droplets.

The team from Northumbria’s Smart Materials and Surfaces Laboratory will work in partnership with Nottingham Trent University on the three-year study, which has received £700,000 funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council …

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How to Avoid Residual Solvent When Drying HPLC Fractions

Driven by the requirement for completely dry samples, pharmaceutical compound handling groups are increasingly using SP Scientific’s Genevac LyoSpeed™,a hybrid process combining conventional centrifugal evaporation and lyophilization, as their preferred method for drying HPLC reverse-phase solvent fractions. Using LyoSpeed™ technology on Genevac EZ-2 Elite and Series 3 HT evaporators, HPLC fractions can be automatically concentrated to a few milliliters, then frozen and rapidly lyophilized …

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