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Effortless Temperature-Driven
Nucleic Acid Extractions

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mRNA Profiles as Close to Biological Reality as Possible

RNAGEM is a powerful, broad-specificity, thermophilic proteinase that aggressively destroys ribonucleases. It is ideal for preparing RNA from mammalian cell culture, laser capture micro-dissections and FACS-prepared cell populations.

Download the application notes to learn about RNAGEM’s extremely efficient ability to extract RNA from a single cell to 100,000 cells. Find out how RNAGEM’s excellent linearity provides a superior approach to estimating total RNA quantity for sample normalization .

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Extraction of RNA is well-known to be a difficult process due to the low stability of the RNA molecules and the abundance of RNases. MicroGEM’s RNAGEM solves this with extremely fast, temperature-driven RNA extractions that simultaneously lyse cells and strip protein complexes from nucleic acids, thereby allowing higher processivity of polymerases. The result is greater sensitivity - especially with low abundance transcripts. Reduced handling and efficient template preparation mean that RNAGEM generates mRNA profiles as close to the biological reality of the sample as possible.

The simple, single-tube workflow results in high, linear yields over a wide range of sample sizes in less than 10 minutes (less than 20 minutes with DNA removal).


Watch our on-demand webinar (15 minutes) demonstrating how you can simplify your extraction workflow and move quickly to your downstream application, analysis, and results. 

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