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Climate change militants Extinction Rebellion are planning to shut down Heathrow airport for 16 days later this year, and deliberately disrupt the travel plans of 3.5 million of us, by illegally flying hundreds of drones within 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) of the airport.

The offence carries a maximum jail sentence of up to five years.

The militants were responsible for causing three-hour traffic jams by blocking roads in a number of cities this month. In Bristol a son was trying to get through to visit his father, who was dying in hospital. Because of the jam his journey took three hours longer and he arrived one hour after his father died, a personal tragedy that was featured on Bristol radio.

There is a view that the militant's cowardly attacks on an innocent general public, who have no way of fighting back, have now gone too far and need to be stopped.


The planned strike by more than 4,000 workers at Heathrow Airport on 26 and 27 July was called off as Unite union members vote on a new pay offer.

However the union warn that strikes planned for the rest of the holiday season, on 5, 6, 23 and 24 of August, could still happen.

Those planning to fly on those days are advised to "monitor the situation" - the airport say the strikes are "unreasonably" designed to cause maximum damage to passengers and that they are "implementing contingency plans that will ensure the airport remains open and operating safely in the event of any strike".

Meanwhile pilots at British Airways are threatening to stage walk-outs from August 5.


Under the tightened up rules on data security that now comprise GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has handed a fine of £183 million to British Airways, and one of nearly £100 million to hotel group Marriott for serious breaches of data security affecting BA's and Marriott's customers.

The BA fine represents 1.5% of the firms annual turnover in 2017, around 37% of the fine of 4% of turnover the ICO could have imposed.

It is estimated that 50% of retail sales in the UK will be online in less than ten years, representing a huge amount of trust from consumers that their data will be looked after by the large firms profiting from the relationship.


The Premier Inn hotel at Cribbs Causway, Bristol, has been significantly damaged by a fire that started on the third floor. Parts of the hotel, located near the M5 fell onto an adjacent road, blocking it. No cause has been found for the blaze.

There were no injuries and all guests have been accounted for and transferred to one of the four other group hotels in Bristol.



o Following the resignation of Sir Gary Verity from tourist board Welcome to Yorkshire accountants BDO have reviewed £900,000 of expenses claimed and found that £26,000 were "of a personal nature" and "of no benefit to the company".

o An investigation into Bourneville College, Birmingham, shows that expenses were similarly out of control with former principal Norman Cave claiming more than £208,000 over four years. Cave also promoted his wife Anjum to assistant principal, with a 22% salary increase, who spent more than £100,000 on credit cards in four years, and also employed his daughter.

Source: The Business Desk


A row between two German couples over who had reserved the same pair of sunbeds on a cruise ship is set to go to court next month after one of the men, 70, claimed an injury to his arm, and "loss of holiday pleasure" to an estimated value of around £4,000.

In 2008 captain of the P&O ship Oceana Christopher Wells, 52, ignited another row, with accusations of racism when he used the ship's loudspeaker system to tell all passengers, following reports of agressive sunbed reserving, "We don't want that kind of Germanic behaviour here". He later apologised to all the Germans on board, including, presumably, his German wife Hedda.

In 2007 reports of guests reserving sunbeds at a large Gran Canaria hotel indicated that it was among the British guests that the activity was most common.


The National Portrait Gallery, London, is presenting a major exhibition of 180 of the works of American photographer Cindy Sherman, created in the last 45 years.

For most of her portraits Sherman used herself as the subject, dressing and making herself up to illustrate a wide range of stereotypical characters and situations, and earning her the title of "the original selfie queen". Her most famous series of photographs is the set of 69 shots she called "Untitled film stills" which just had numbers and were A4 sized black and white shots of herself in the style of stills from films, where the viewers are invited to guess at the narrative behind the pictures. This is the first time the whole range, shot from 1977-1980, has ever been on show in the UK.

Also displayed together for the first time is her very impressive Cover Girl series, completed when she was a student in 1976. These are five sets of three magazine covers from publications such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. The first of the three shows the original cover with the original model used, the second shows Sherman very skilfully made up to look exactly like the model, and the third shows Sherman pulling a goofy face, and thus mocking the image, a theme that then runs through much of her subsequent work, in which she made up and dressed ugly to mock fashion and its images. Other key works on show are from her series Rear Screen Projections, History Portraits, Centerfolds, Masks, Headshots, Society Portraits, Clowns and Fairy Tales. Some will find the shots from her Sex Pictures series, where she used pieced-together medical dummies to create ugly pornographic scenarios, just hideous.

The exhibition includes some short films shot by Sherman, a display of some of the materials she used and runs until September 15


Firstly a play on Broadway directed by Robert Altman this warm, entertaining and moving slice of nostalgia was turned into a successful screenplay by its writer Ed Graczyk, with Altman directing the 1982 film with many of the play's original cast.

For those with a fondness for the melodies of the 1950s the film is a special treat, with the soundtrack dominated by more than a dozen performances by the McGuire Sisters, a trio of harmony singers most famous for their No 1 cover hit Sincerely, which features strongly in the film. This is elevated by the affecting performances of the three main female leads, who do bittersweet so well. These are Sandy Dennis, who won a well-deserved Oscar for her portrayal of the young and neurotic Honey in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf alongside Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and George Segal. Here she plays the disturbed Mona, leader of the all-girl James Dean fan club who claims to have had his child after getting a part as an extra in Dean's Giant, being filmed nearby. Then there is the sassy waitress Sissy, convincingly played by Cher, who is proud of her figure but who hides a sad secret. And there is the sultry and mysterious Joanne,(Karen Black) who hides an even sadder secret, which gains sympathy from some and condemnation from others. Black's credits include two Golden Globe awards for Best Supporting Actress in Five Easy Pieces (1970) and the 1974 production of The Great Gatsby.

All secrets are revealed as the three attend a reunion of the Disciples of James Dean, 20 years after their icon's death in a head-on car crash, aged just 24. The three leads are ably supported by Kathy Bates (who won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for her part in 1990 horror film Misery) as the gossipy Stella Mae, who upsets Mona with a revealing photo of Dean, Edna Louise, a shy and waif-like mother of multiple children with low self-esteem played by Marta Heflin, Mark Patton as the cross-dressing Joe Qualley and Sudie Bond as Juanita, the religious manager of the Woolworths five and dime store, where everything costs 5 cents or 10 cents (a dime), hence the name, and where the reunion is to be held. Flashbacks, filmed in the mirror on the wall of the store, give some early 1950s history of the club's members.

Film and music buffs might want to know that the song Sincerely, which ends the film with a juke box performance lip-synched by the trio of Cher, Dennis and Black, was co-written by American disc-jockey Alan Freed, also known as the "father of rock and roll", whose career collapsed when he was found guilty of taking money to promote records ("payola") and who died of alcohol-related diseases, aged 43 , in 1965. Sadly, from the film, we also said goodbye to Sudie Bond in 1984, aged 56, Sandy Dennis in 1992, aged 54, Karen Black in 2013, aged 74 and Marta Heflin in 2013, aged 68.

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean is being released in a dual format (Blu-ray and DVD) later this month by Eureka Entertainment as part of The Masters of Cinema Series. The pack also contains a new full-length audio commentary, new interviews with the film editor and art director and a collector's booklet featuring a new essay.


This much-admired 1978 story of love and loss from the war in Vietnam also has an excellent soundtrack of the times, including Hey Jude and Strawberry Fields Forever from the Beatles, Just Like a Woman from Bob Dylan, Bookends from Simon and Garfunkel, Born to be Wild from Steppenwolf and, from the Rolling Stones, Jumping Jack Flash, No Expectations, My Girl, Sympathy for the Devil, Ruby Tuesday and, encapsulating the film's theme, Out of Time.

Three performances stand out. That of Jane Fonda, who played the compassionate volunteer nurse, Sally Hyde, at the local veteran's hospital, a part which earned her a second Best Actress Oscar - her first was in 1971 as the very different New York prostitute, Bree Daniels, in the top rated thriller Klute, with Donald Sutherland. Jon Voight is also memorable as the bitter ex-sergeant Luke Martin, who came home from Vietnam to recuperate in the hospital as a paraplegic, where his agression is tempered by a growing and reciprocated love for Sally Hyde. Voight won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal, which will not disappoint those who were impressed with his memorable roles in Midnight Cowboy,(1969), Deliverance, (1972), The Odessa File, (1974) and The Champ, (1979) And the part of Fonda's husband, United States Marine Corps captain Bob Hyde is superbly played by Bruce Dern as the dedicated military officer who sees his time in Vietnam as career progression but comes home wounded to be told of his wife's affair with Luke Martin. Dern was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for this role.

This is seriously thought-provoking, with much to watch more than once. The love scene between Voight and Fonda is tender and erotic, and apparently is Fonda's character's first orgasm, which while not on the histrionic level of Meg Ryan's in the comedic When Harry Met Sally at least sounds and looks authentic. In contrast the scene where the two lovers are confronted with an unhinged husband brandishing a rifle with fixed bayonet is truly scary, and the speech by Voight to those thinking of signing up, giving them good reasons not to from his own torment is a revelation, leaving it to Dern to movingly play out the last moments of the tragedy back home that war can bring.

Coming Home, which won an Oscar for Best Screenplay was directed by Hal Ashby, who was nominated for a Best Director Oscar and who won the Best Film Editing Oscar for In the Heat of the Night (1967. Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger) Sadly Ashby died in 1988, aged 59.

Coming Home has just been released by Eureka Entertainment for the first time on Blu-Ray in the UK. As well as two full length audio commentaries the pack contains two archival featurettes and a collectors booklet featuring new writing on the film.


It isn't often this old curmudgeon rates anything the banks do as laudable. But the Bank of England has excelled itself, in this scribbler's view, in honouring Britain's greatest codebreaker and maths genius Alan Turing OBE, who cracked the German enigma shipping code from Bletchley Park and shortened the war, saving millions of lives, on both sides.

The bank has chosen him, from a list of nearly a thousand science notables, to feature on the new £50 note. This is a far cry from the hate he had to endure from the British establishment after the war and when he was found guilty of homosexuality, then illegal. Our caring judiciary at the time gave him a choice between prison and being chemically castrated. Turing chose the injections of synthetic oestrogen to feminise his body, and then killed himself with cyanide in 1954 at the age of 41.

Since then a rightly shamed establishment has tried to make amends, with an apology in 2009 from former PM Gordon Brown and a posthumous royal pardon in 2013, all too late.


Good to see that the Press, in this case the Daily Mail, are doing their bit to support ripped-off customers of greedy caterers.

They recently gave some news space to an unimpressed customer who paid a whopping £18.10p for a hamburger and "measly" portion of fries at the pricey Baseline Grill at Wimbledon's All England Club. When he asked his waitress for some more fries he was told that the portion was all the serving staff were allowed to give.

Fortunately the Daily Mail story was shown to the head of food and drink there, Anthony Davies, and he sensibly ordered portions of fries to be significantly increased.


Ladies, you need a "strong man" to install the tough elastic in one of the mini-trampolines sold by Amazon. This is the view of the makers Newan who say that the job should not be attempted by women alone, and that "assistance from men is preferred".

Not unnaturally the advice has upset a number of women, who have given the product one-star reviews.


One traditional and most famous feature of Amsterdam that might well be changing later this year is that of the prostitutes plying their trade from windows in their canal-side rooms.

A clean-up of the city's red-light district is something that Amsterdam's first female mayor, Femke Halsema, wants to implement, and likely measures to include moving some or all of the 370 rooms owned by 86 brothels to another part of town. Amsterdam, a small city, has a huge problem of just 850,000 residents to 18 million tourists annually. Says Femke "We need to think about what kind of tourists we want to attract. Too often now we see vulnerable foreign women behind windows being booed by hordes of drunken tourists".


o Good to see that the Kulu Kulu conveyor belt Japanese restaurant in London's Brewer Street is still turning out the good sushi/sashimi fixes we've always enjoyed.

The plates on the belt are colour and design coded so that once you know the code you know what each plate you lift off the belt is going to cost when the staff tot them up at the end. We used to reckon a total bill of under £20 if we had mostly the lower cost items at £2-3 a plate and one or two of the £4-5 plates. For the higher values you get the salmon sashimi, the filling hand rolls or two large wheels of freshly made sushi. At the cheaper end you get dishes of fried aubergine or the kimchi garlic and chilli pickled cabbage also very popular in Korea as well as plates with two pieces of very tender sliced octopus, salmon, mackerel or tuna nigri sushi.

Prices here do seem to have eased up a little as our meal of 2 x £2.30 plates, 5 x £3.00 plates and one hand roll of salmon, avocado and crispy deep-fried king prawn at £4.10 came to £23.70. However all the expensive condiments, such as fresh mixed wasabi and sliced pickled ginger to clean the palate were included as was all the green tea you just help yourself to, so we'll be back.

Our tips - get there at 12.00 when it opens for lunch for the freshest selection, and sit on the right-hand side close to where the food comes out of the kitchen. Enjoy.

Kulu Kulu Sushi, 76 Brewer Street, London W1 Tel. 020 7734 7316


o It was also good to twice visit the Leith, Edinburgh branch of the 23-strong Loch Fyne chain and to note its good value fish dishes, as well as some meat offerings.

On our first dinner visit our group enjoyed the fresh fish selection entitled "Fishmongers", in particular the large skin-on salmon fillet (£17.95), and the large whole plaice (£18.95) which yielded meltingly tender fillet slices of fish from four side portions and, the best bit for the less-squeamish, the arrow shaped piece from the head, that many throw away. Both the fish dishes came pan-fried, but could have been grilled or steamed, and came with a choice of four butters or four sauces and a choice of two side dishes from a selection of seven. We chose mash with chives, samphire with fresh lemon, tenderstem broccoli and rainbow carrots, the last two being on the tough side of al dente, but there was also buttered new potatoes, french fries, twice-cooked chips and summer salad.

Our second dinner visit featured a substantial discount of 25% off the food bill for eating there twice within four weeks and producing the receipt from the first visit. This time we personally enjoyed the large, tender and very tasty Donald Russell 10oz rib-eye steak (£26.25) which was grass-fed, hung for 28 days, cooked medium-rare to our liking and served with twice-cooked chips, fried pickled onion rings, baked field mushroom and tangy chimichuri sauce. Other main course choices enjoyed were the fillet of bream (£16.50) and pork belly (£13.50) We followed ours with an apple tart with vanilla ice cream (£5.75), while others enjoyed the creme brulee (£5.50).

Loch Fyne also offer lunch guests a low cost set menu with two courses for £10.95 or three for £12.95, one side dish included. Starter choices include prawn cocktail, grilled sardines and a vegetarian avocado and pomegranate salad, mains include salmon fishcakes, 8oz beef burger or flatiron steak (£2 extra) from Donald Russell or vegetarian beetroot and ricotta tortellini. Sides comprise twice-cooked chips, french fries, buttered new potatoes, buttered spinach or salad, and desserts comprise the creme brulee, balsamic strawberry and basil eton mess and, for the salty sweet converts a popcorn sundae of popcorn ice cream, popcorn and salted caramel sauce, the sticky stuff that Nigella Lawson once had poured over her head for a (tacky?) publicity shot.

Loch Fyne have branches in Ascot,(Woodside) Bath, Bluewater, Bristol, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Cobham, Edinburgh (Leith), Elton, Knowle, London City, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Poole, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, St Albans, Twickenham, Winchester, Woburn, Wokingham and York


A statement from climate change activists Extinction Rebellion reads: "Obviously we deeply regret that our road-blocking strategy has now cost a few lives, where police vehicles and ambulances couldn’t get through, but we remain convinced that our cowardly attacks on an innocent general public who can’t fight back is the right strategy to get the UK government on our side, as well as the, er, general public"... Union Unite claim that their summer timing of strikes is "pure coincidence" and not designed to inflict maximum damage to holiday-makers travel plans, oh no... Cruise companies and hotels are sued for "grievous loss of holiday pleasure" by customers who were unable to get a sunbed... New PM Boris Johnson claims that he and his cabinet have always put the interests of their country before any personal political ambitions, as a flock of pigs is sighted flying over Westminster... More than forty Labour MPs are suspended for having no anti-semitic inclinations whatever... and much, much more...


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Located in London and Birmingham, Computec AV cater for all your rental requirements. Equipment available includes LCD/Plasma screens, PA systems, Projection Equipment and Lighting. Also in-house we have our Set Creation company specialising in staging, bespoke set design and build. Tel 020 8807 2002, Fax 020 8807 3818, email: sales@computecgroup.com Web: computecgroup.com


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OUT OF HOURS SUPPORT GROUP provides MEDICAL COVER and SECURITY SERVICES for the full range of events.
Based in Hampshire, but covers events across the country. Experienced staff include doctors, Emergency Nurse Practitioners & Paramedics working with vehicles equipped to NHS specification, including an ambulance, 4x4s and all-terrain quad bike. Mobile medical centre available. Reliable and versatile staff are fully screened in line with enhanced DBS requirements with separate Disclosure and Barred list check.

Out of Hours Security teams work separately or alongside the medical teams. Security staff are registered and licensed by the SIA. All staff wear visible ID at all times. Contact Leo Burdock at leo@outofhoursmedics.co.uk or visit outofhoursmedics.co.uk Tel: 07904033828


Association News
For all those who associate. associationnews.org.uk


LCI offers conferencing with an ethical edge in Leeds City Centre. Five Rooms (Max 90 people) with Smartboards, loop systems, WIFI. Disabled access. LCI supports community/voluntary groups by offering significant discounts. Very close to railway & bus stations. Contact Moira or Wendy on 0113 245 4700 or email conferencing@leedschurchinstitute.org


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The classical regency terrace at Park Crescent, near Regents Park includes number 16, which offers seven beautifully appointed meetings rooms, all with natural light and modern facilities, for up to 60 delegates, and a dedicated team to ensure event success. Tel. 020 7612 7070, Fax. 020 7612 7078, email. enquiries@16parkcrescent.co.uk visit 16parkcrescent.co.uk


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